Monday, 24 August 2009

Witch Award

Despite me being a witch that wanders around her path a little rather than always walking it... Mel has gifted me with this lovely, lovely little award...

So some other bountiful witches....

  • Sam is a witch who I love to chat with. She always helps me see things in a different way.
  • Miss*R is another bountiful witch from the opposite side of the world but with roots dug deep here, in my adopted land...

And that is as far as I am going to pass this lovely one i think...


  1. why, thankyou!! I will give this with gratitude.. not right today as I am off to my Wild Women group, but later tonight.

  2. I loved this one when it came my way, too! It's just a sweet fun thing and I'm glad it flew your way!

  3. ooh I must not forget to give this.. i am scatter brained at the moment, waiting for the birth of a new grandbaby any day now.