Friday, 14 August 2009

Culture Shock!

A very quick post before bed.... Tomorrow I fly up to London for the wedding of a relative, leaving F behind due to timing and money and work. I fly up one day and back the next. I am so looking forward to it! To seeing all my family - even the ones I don't see every visit back up country, some of whom I havn't seen in a loooong time.

It also happens to be my Dad's birthday tomorrow, his 65th so being able to be there tomorrow is quite a special thing.

I guess I wanted to say a little more about my post from yesterday - I view it as a sort of culture shock. I know tomorrow I will suffer from it. Everything about Cornwall and London is different. The speed with which things happen, the danger from crime, the social conventions, sooo many things about society and community. Things are so fast and busy and full of people up there!

When F and I drive up, we have time to adjust but by flying up and going straight into one of the busiest parts I know it will hit me tomorrow. Last night was a sort of culture shock. I have nothing against tourists, they are a good thing, but I struggle with have people everywhere. I am used to emptiness and space...

Wish me luck on my travels tomorrow!


  1. Best of luck Rose! You will enjoy seeing everyone!

  2. Enjoy your trip!!

    I *get* what you mean about big cities...*shudder*...:)

    You'll come home and find yourself clinging to a tree for hours....*grin*

  3. I don't do cities well.. hope you wore your smoky Q.
    cities drain me dreadfully.