Saturday, 22 August 2009

Time Turns

Today is a quiet day (thankfully). It has all been good and fun and lovely but I am so tired now.

Today is a day off. Peace and quiet and catching up with myself.

Today is a mere breather because tomorrow I have committed to going to the races....

This week has made me realise that I use my blog sometimes to avoid doing things. Starting this blog has both opened my life up and closed it down. I spend too much time reading blogs. It isn't sustainable. It is an avoidance of doing.

I do think that sometimes I go a bit mad on crafting and wear myself out on it. The nice thing about beading is that it is a slow steady sort of a craft. Not likely to wear you out. I have started a bracelet for my Mum on my loom as we were talking about what she would like last weekend. It is in silver and grey and I am enjoying doing it.

This last ten days has been full. Over time at work. Flying around the country. Going to a wedding. Going shopping / browsing in an upmarket town with my parents. Intensive house cleansing. Walks with family to local places. A trip to St Ives by train to sit on the beach and wander round shops. A shopping trip with my sister. An outdoor production of Tartuffe (fantastically funny).

It was lovely but manic.

I also received a few early birthday pressies which I assisted in choosing... In my window is a lovely set of stained glass hearts in pink, red and purple strung downwards. I have a lovely blue glass with gold foil marble which sits on top of a bottle stopper. I have a set of brightly coloured silicon kitchen utensils. I have a lovely set of nesting kitchen things in all the colours of the rainbow including a bowl, colunder, sieve, measuring jug and measuring cups.

I think I may start posting a little less. Reading a few less blogs. Doing a little more. Time for a slightly different balance. Some things have been very much neglected. I want to spend more time on The Artists's Way. I want to finish Wreck This Journal. I am soon to start the Joy Diet. I want to make my house beautiful with objects I have made and altered. I want to finish my list of crafting obligations. I want to get started on my manic list for Christmas and the surrounding birthdays....

I will still be here but it has all been building and building and now it is time for those blossoms to bloom fully. Harvest is here. No doubt winter will see me brooding and returning more to this....


  1. Bless your heart, do what makes your Soul sing and your Heart happy........

  2. I have to say, I am beginning to understand what you're feeling about blogging...but my idea isn't as formed yet.

    I think it may be similar for me...but I'm not quite there yet. I'll look forward to hearing from you when you're here. And, wish you many happy returns of your day! Bright Blessings. Love your life!

  3. You know I utterly *get it* Holly, it's been brewing for a while. Mistress Emma has drawn me away from blogland with her need for integration and I haven't found myself missing it...

    I scoot in to read my favourites and then scoot away's a very nice balance indeed.

    And when, oh Mistress of Secrets, is your birthday?!?!?

    you may email me the answer and a short essay explaining why I wasn't informed....*grin*


  4. PS. left you a couple of somethings on today's post...

  5. Blossom away and blessings for your birthday, have a lovely day. I will miss your posts, theya are always so interesting but I totally understand how blogs can eat up your time. *hugs*

  6. Blogs are kind of like a parallel life. They are fun and a great connection but if I spend to much time on them I miss the life I am actually supposed to be living. Another distraction.

    Happy Birthday, Rose, whenever it. Enjoy your special day.

    Have fun doing all those things you have been neglecting and I look forward to reading your posts when you get a chanct to do them. *hugs*