Saturday, 15 August 2009

TAW Week Three Things

Time for some more TAW stuff....

Five childhood accomplishments:
  • Won the Junior Reading Cup
  • Won the Egg and Spoon Race at Primary School in Year 2! I was soooo proud!
  • Won progress in gymnastics cup (mostly because I was so dire to begin with!)
  • I was a Young Farmer (a country based youth organisation) and I won best junior at the county Rally
  • I was the best tree climber
Five childhood favourite foods:
  • Banana flavoured milupa (a brand of baby food). I so loved this and ate it long into my childhood.
  • Turkey burgers
  • Chocolate toothpaste (a chocolate tart we used to get at school)
  • Flat yorkshires (drop scones my Mum makes and our nickname for them cos they were like flat yorkshire puddings) with melted butter.
  • Chocolate spread on white crusty bread
Five things I liked about myself as a kid:
  • I had soooo much energy! I slept as much as my Dad and he needed the least sleep of us all. I was awake with the first signs of the sun.
  • I was so confident, I approached strangers and just took it for granted that they would want to talk to me.
  • I had a lucky streak - my Dad would always get me to choose the raffle tickets and most raffles I would win something.
  • I had an amazing imagination which came out in my stories, none of which I now remember but everybody says I had a good imagination and I loved writing.
  • I had very little fear and I wasn't scared of being hurt. I rode a lot and didn't care about falling off...
Three obvious rotten habits:
  • Overeating
  • Sleeping too much
  • Not exercising enough
Three subtle foes:
  • Blogging! blogging is good but do you ever find yourself keep clicking on refresh to see if you have a new post to read or a comment or something! How to waste a lot of time pretending that you are doind something useful...
  • Being logical - sometimes you just have to feel.
  • Lack of money - I use this as an excuse a lot. I want to do some classes in september - Tai Chi and calligraphy but...
Five people I admire:
  • My Boss - they never ever back away from a fight and are very, very good at standing up for others. Very assertive, they defend us all...
  • My Mum - she is always there and always cares.
  • Nicola Tustain - I once did an exercise to find a hero and I found this lady a paralympian dressage rider who is paralysed down one side of her body. What a woman...
  • Dr House - OK so he isn't real but I love his genius, arsey, grumpiness
  • My Nan - she has amazing green fingers. I want them!
Five people I secretly admire:
  • Mel - *blush* she always has something cool to say and is always so 'there'
  • Jordan - I can't bare her but I do secretly admire the way she just hangs it all out in public and just doesn't care.
  • My cousin - he is so young but he is out there traveling the world
  • The Little Princess - for being so determined about going her own way in the face of the combined advice of a lot of people and the combined disapproval of a whole bunch of them as well....
  • Carla Calamity - the new £50,000 witch at Cheddar Gorge - she really is hanging her faith out there for all to see and she is already promoting all things witchy in a very positive way (so far!)
OK, so i need to be more arsey and assertive! I need to speak my mind and not care about what people think. I want green fingers and I want to travel.

Five dead people I would like to hang out with ( I did this once before on my blog but here are some different ones ):
  • Einstein - I like science and this guy was just brilliant... His mind worked in a very unusual way...
  • Da Vinci - what's not to admire here! art, science... I would love to spend some time ploughing through his ideas....
  • Freddy Mercury - an amazing character, wouldn't he have some truly crazy stories to tell?
  • Boo - she was a family friend who died of cancer when I was 16. She was a lovely warm person and was always one of my favourites. I would love to hang out with her.
  • Cecil Williamson - an early witch who was friends with Crowley and Gardner, he pursued the folk side of it further and was much more interested in the more common and practical side of it all...
I like interesting people with fascinating minds or personalities. People who shine in some way from inside. I admire people who are tough and assertive but the people I like, I don't like for their assertiveness. I think assertiveness is something I feel I lack which is why I admire it in others.


  1. I enjoyed reading more about you. And, about Mel? I couldn't agree more.

  2. Really lovely post, Rose. So much in it. I haven't properly tackled all those exercises from TAW yet. I'm scared of them. But I love reading what you've done with them, as it makes me feel a bit bolder.

  3. Thanks for sharing all these things about yourself. TAW really drags it out. I haven't done a lot of the exercises yet, I don't know why I am avoiding them and the morning pages.

    I agree with you about the crowds of people, and I understand your frustration with the tourists intruding on your solitude. I hope you enjoyed your trip to London in spite of the noise and crowds.

  4. My turn to blush!!! Aw shucks....thanks...(to you too,Holly!)

    I haven't done these exercises either..skipped right over them...probably a very good reason to go back and do them.

  5. Thanks for that nice comment - I've started a witchy community, it would be great to have you on board.

  6. Oh my god - you nearly made me cry - Nicola Tustain