Saturday, 8 August 2009

Walking the Ley

There was something odd about last night, in more than one way. It occurred to me that the points I visited last night were all in a rough line. From the lake in Pendarves Wood and Carwynnen Quoit to Treslothan Church with it's well to the place I sat and looked out to Carn Brea (big hill). OK it is a rough line with a bit of a hook but it is still a line.

I wondered if it might be a ley line and I tried to look it up. It seems to me that studying ley lines is very, very subjective. Looking at pictures of them it seems unlikely, to me, that they would travel in such straight lines. I guess it is the easiest way of drawing them between their 'major' points but I just don't believe that being of the land as they are, that they would be so straight. In between the major points I would expect them to branch and twist and turn. They are the energy lines of the land, the blood and our veins and arteries twist and turn, so why wouldn't the earths?

I tried to find out if any of the main points I visited last night were considered to be linked. I did find a hint. A talk about Carwynnen Quoit and Carn Brea by the Ley Hunters Group which is part of the Cornwall Earth Mysteries Group. This suggests that a ley line is considered to exist between the two points.

As I sat at my first point I noticed that the birds were flying from or towards the sea. Looking at the map the contour line links where I was to my second point Treslothan. The land contours swirl hereabouts so I see no reason why the lake, quoit and church wouldn't be linked by the energies as they reach the bottom of the valley.

And then I found this link. There is too much in it for me, I don't have the background to get to grips with it, there is just too much and I have no experience in this area. Telluric energy? Unhealthy ley lines? Healthy ley lines?

I got enough of it to understand that yes, these points are connected but maybe not as I imagined. Maybe the lake is connected to the quoit by the river which flows along the bottom of the valley and eventually joins the Red River. Apparently energy tends to follow water. Either side of this river there are ancient settlements as it makes it way to the sea. I think I have walked by this river near where it joins the Red River. I am finding my map a little insufficient! Just not enough detail! And to many other details as well...

Anyway, I believe I followed the energy last night as far as the quoit and then I followed the energy of the water. I was happy and peaceful on the hill, at the church by the quoit and on top of the Carn but in the wood, I felt very uneasy.

I may make my own map of the area showing the features and post it and then some of you lovely people could maybe offer any ideas you have?


  1. oh, please do!! I am fascinated by ley lines....

    Any chance you were following magnetic fields as well? I read once,that if you allow a young child to arrange their own bedroom furniture, they will instinctively have their bed aligned with the magnetic lines of the earth. I tried it when I was desperate with Sebastian's bizarre sleep habits...then I figured out it was the moon..but still...I've always let them figure it out....

    I get bogged down with the details too...feel free to apply your scientist brain and distill it down for the rest of us!! *grin*


  2. Rose, such prolific and interesting stuff that you're writing about here in this collection of posts from the last 2 days, and I really want to engage with it and chat with you about it .... but my nerves are frazzled today and I can't think straight.

    I feel same way as you about Leys ~ being of the Earth, how can they be that straight? and different sources draw them differently. So which is right? I can only say, go with your intuition on them.

    Telluric energy ~ as far as I understand it, the telluric realm is the second dimension, and resides within the planet, so is essentially a sort of dense earth energy. I believe it is the realm of the elementals, the spirit beings of the earth. I would think maybe you brought one home with you and Little Dog was barking at it. Dogs and cats are most able to see and sense these beings. But they probably won't feel threatening to you as they don't really want anything from you. However, if you get annoyed at having them in your space, cast a circle to stand in (with an athame, not a wand ~ for some reason elementals do not respond to wand magick) and order them to leave, then call in whatever form of protection you find most helpful (for me it is always the Archangels). Like I said, there's no need to be afraid of them but they can be a bit impolite, a bit troublesome.

    It certainly has been an interesting week, with a very potent Full Moon and the effects of the Eclipse. Have you noticed anything, or picked up any info about it from your own astrological studies this week?

    Bright Blessings.

  3. Hey Mel - i think i need a good book or too... the fragments on the internet just feel confusing to me... I guess I might have to take up dowsing to! *laugh*

    Sam - so sorry to hear you are frazzled, really hope things settle for you and you feel better soon (unless of course it is good frazzledness in which case I say rock on!). Thanks for the explanation about telluric energy and you may well be right about the elemental, if it doesn't cause trouble, i shall leave it alone. I suspect it might be happier somewhere wilder though and merely curious.... I am getting round to the whole astrology thing... Unfortunately I have forgotten where I put my chart! I also have only done basic charts, I havn't got to adding things in and moving them on... Maybe one day!

  4. The wonderful ruined Quoit at Carwynnen is at the centre of an exhibition in Camborne Town centre in November.
    A call for artwork is going out today.

  5. Hi Pip. I don't have any art of the quoit but I will be sure to go have a look... Really looking forward to it!