Monday, 17 August 2009

The Fonder Heart

I am back and I had a lovely, lovely time.

I have so much I could say but I am running out of time again. Catching up is hard to do.... Nearly a hundred emails! Thank you everyone for the kind comments, which I havn't had a chance to reply to... I managed to catch up with a few blogs earlier but not many. So much to do!

But I won't get a chance. A little overtime tonight and maybe a little tomorrow and then I have three days with my sister and her kids. S and F will be available for gallivanting as well so much fn shall be had by all but little time for blogging....

Seeing my family was a shock. It made me realise how little time I have made for family beyond my very immediate family of the last while. On of them has been very ill, cancer, and is on the mend and it is the first time I have seen them in sooo long. Seeing them still frail made me realise that I am wasting my ability to spend time with these prescious people. Others have changed from children to strapping adults I wouldn't know on the street....

Having discovered the airplane, I think I might have to use it a little more. Not to often but next time there is a family do, I vow not to put it off and do the easy thing. I vow to desert F if necessary and hop on the giant metal bird. Some of my relatives are getting on in years. If I leave it another ten to see them again, I might have left it too late.

So yes, I had a wonderful time, and I want more like it... I even mentioned the word wedding once or twice... Have to get around to organizing it... But not this week!


  1. *grin* Glad you enjoyed yourself!!


  2. I'm glad the your effort to be there was rewarded with renewed investment and a sense of kith and kin. Glad you're home again once more.

  3. Happy to hear you had a great time. Yes family and keeping in touch really matters, when it comes down to it if you are fortunate enough to have a family that cares about each other there is nothing more important.

  4. Glad it went well - I'm just back from a family visit too - the first time EVER that I've spent some quality adult time with my youngest brother ("young" but gray-haired - how did that happen?). So - I strongly concur that it's worth the time, money, and trouble to keep up with one's family. I'm going to try to commit to it for next year.

  5. seems you have been away.. I have not visited for a few days so I must catch up

    glad that your trip went well.. sometimes a trip like this makes us realize just what we do have in family.. life is just so quick! we blink and we miss things.