Sunday, 9 August 2009

Home of the Heart

There is a series on TV at the mo - Kirstie's Homemade Home. It is a show about one person, who happens to be a well known TV house hunter and interiors and her process of making her new house into a unique home.

She has a go at crafts, restores things, buys from scrap yards, markets and auctions, pulls things out of skips and visits inspirational homes. I love it and hate it all at the same time. It isn't about making do it is about having the best. For instance last week she happened to have an ornate thingummy jig that cost her £200 at an auction. I love some of the craft ideas and seeing her have a go and I like the ethos, I just don't like the fact that even with this ethos, she is playing outside my league financially.

I also don't entirely like her style. It sometimes feels as she is recreating that slightly eccentric, we've lived here for generations, upper class rich Brit style. I think whoever came up with the show must have been trawling blog land though because what she is doing seems to be an articulation of what so many bloggers out there are trying to do. We all seem to believe in the same things, we all want homes not designer pads - or at least the bloggers I associate with do! I am sure there is blog tribe out there celebrating minimalism and monotone living.

Thing is, know how is so important! Not just with the skills themselves but with where to buy what things you need. For instance, I know I can use wire and beads to create lampshades, but where do you buy frames from? What fittings do I need to make it safe? What wiring? Where do you start?

You see, I have a problem! I want to know everything, I want to do everything but I just don't have the time... or the money or the know how. And I do mean I want to know everything! I put a few things on my to do list - tai chi, calligraphy, binging, bird call identification, constellation identification but there are so many more and I am adding them all the time! Geomancy, knitting, stained glass and wrought iron work just this weekend! *laugh*

I think sometimes I undervalue what I already know so lets have a list of a few...

  • I can braid
  • I can use a bead loom
  • I can do bead and wire work
  • I can do bead weaving
  • I can do papier mache
  • I can do a little wiring
  • I can do some hand sewing
  • I can do some paper crafting
  • I can mould a bit of clay
  • I can paint
  • I can take photographs
  • I can do a bit of computer wizardry
But I guess my real talents are...
  • I have a really good background in all the sciences because my degree in Environmental Science was multi-disciplinary
  • I can research and I love books
  • I can follow instructions
So mixing chemicals to make soap, that's chemistry..... Flower arranging is practical biology.... Piling pebbles together is geology.... Making a mobile is physics....

OK so I have convinced myself I can do anything, where do I get the time and money from?


  1. I know what you mean, so many things I want to learn and do but where do you find the time, money and products to do the things you want to do. Sometimes I wonder if I am just using this scatteredness (is this a word?) to distract myself from actually DOING, and then walk around feeling guilty/bad for not DOING anything.

    We had a another yard sale yesterday and made another $337. Encouraged yet? *grin*

  2. Oh I am! That's a nice bit of cash....

    Maybe I do distract myself from doing, a little.

  3. I haven't seen that show.. but I am positive TV producers and magazine editors are secret blog stalkers...
    there is so much to learn and discover in life.. I don't think one lifetime is enough!!
    as I get older, I find that I have settled down a little in wanting to do it all.. I try bits and if they don't fit, I discard them..
    as to home.. I just have what I love

  4. Oh, I can SO relate!! I have a list a mile-long as well....

    I wonder too, if I'm just using the lack of funds/time/know-how to avoid it altogether...setting myself up for failure and all that. Or maybe I should just pick one thing and get on with it....

    But which one would I pick? :)