Sunday, 2 August 2009

More Imaginary Lives


Dog walker

Clothes designer



I have no idea where scriptwriter came form. I am not sure I like writing dialogue....

I have a dog to walk and I do like walking her but it would be nice to get paid for doing it....

I guess I would love to have clothes that fit me properly. There could be nice things to make me look good but finding them can be tricky. I would love to be able to make my own clothes, for me, that fit perfectly...

I always enjoyed going into the garden and cutting flowers and arranging them. I must admit I prefer these garden blooms to the over perfect florist flowers. I wish my garden had more flowers in it. That I could wander around and pick...

I like paint. I like colour.....


  1. Hi Earth healer-Sister! ;) And purple biker too!
    (I came her just by accident)

    Dogwalker- I've seen many woman in Berlin, who made this professionally- it's such a tough thing with 4 or 5 dogs on 4 oder 5 leashes!
    Never wanted to do this job, when I saw it!
    But nice thing, thinking about other lives.
    I really would love to have a wonderful shop full of handmade things and I would like to travel around in Europe to find wonderful things from other people and sell them.

  2. Hmmm maybe a dog walker isn't quite something for me then. Maybe I am very different in that other life....

    You know you could probably make a living doing that! I saw a book about a chap who went around the world buying and selling, I sneaked a look at the end of it and one day I shall buy it second hand from amazon. It seems there is still room for the little guy to make money.... Sounds divine!