Sunday, 2 August 2009

20 Things I Enjoy

I enjoy...

1) spending time with F (1/8/09)

2) bathing (29/7/09) (normally with a book...)

3) having a massage (June I think)

4) horse riding (2006 I think)

5) walking somewhere beautiful (last weekend)

6) eating chocolate (1/8/09)

7) going out for a meal (1/8/09)

8) going to the cinema (a couple of weeks back)

9) going to the theatre (last summer)

10) creating things (yesterday)

11) learning how to do new things (using oracle deck)

12) making jewellery (two weeks ago)

13) playing badminton (last year)

14) swimming (no idea)

15) dancing (er...)

16) playing board games (no idea)

17) writing (last week)

18) reading (1/8/09)

19) cooking a nice meal (last week)

20) meeting the girls (July)

I found this really time consuming! Surprisingly hard to think of so many individual things!

My two goals for this week are....

1) to book a massage

2) make f play some board games with me....


  1. I think actually figuring out 20 different things would be hard and when I actually did them would be torturous...and depressing...

  2. It was hard and depressing - mostly because I know I could easily write a list of 20 things I don't like!