Monday, 31 August 2009

TAW Week Four

Buried Dreams

Five hobbies
rock climbing
kite surfing

Five Classes
Clay sculpting
Sea kayaking
Salsa dancing
Tai chi

Five fun things I would never do
Performance art
Tightrope walking

Five fun skills
Scuba diving
Guitar playing

Five Things I used to Enjoy
Horse riding
Tai chi
Writing poetry

Five silly things I would like to try once
Sky Diving
Bungee jumping
Latex body painting (*laugh*)
Henna tattooing
Hot air ballooning

This is the week of reading deprivation and having had a weekend of book indulgence, well maybe it is a good time... Except that our old big TV recently died and got taken to the tip. We have been using our old portable. Last it blew up and made a nasty smell. So no reading our TV? eek! Can't help but feel fate is forcing my hand a little here.... To make it worse, F is doing lots of evenings this week...

My Ideal Environment
I love country and green and open spaces. I like techy things but not too obvious and in your face. I like well designed homes. I like windows that open both ways and heat exchange units which ensure you have constant fresh air without loosing heat. I like sustainable things such as walls using renewable materials like rendered straw. I like the handmade touch with sumptious fabrics, bright colours and interesting textures. I like a bit of funky stuff in there to, kitsch. Plants and views and open air but snug places too tucked away with a fire. I want lots of light. I want to be warm. I don't want other people, not part of my clan living on top of me. I like water and I find it soothing.

My Favourite Season
It is hard to choose between Spring and Autumn but I think I shall go with Autumn. Autumn is still fairly warm. I do not like extremes of temperature much. I love brisk walks on windy days on the beach. I love woods as they change colour. I love jumping in piles of leaves. I love it when Summer clings on a little and autumn is warm. I would rather have a wet Summer and a warm Autumn anytime... I love the harvest time. The inbetween time.

At 80
A trim, energetic lady who is often moving but still has an aura of peace and stillness. A Grandmother many times. A craftswoman. Someone with a wide range of interests and skills but who always has time to smell the roses and sit and watch the sky from her rocking chair on the deck. A person who nurtures and encourages those around her. Someone who always has something fun for the kids to do. Someone who always has several craft projects on the go, who has a house full of beautiful things made and collected. Someone who lived her life according to her values.

and the letter....

Dear Rose

Loose weight and have children. Not having more children sooner was always my biggest regret. I loved being a Mum and I love being a Grandmother to. Something frees you when you have others around and are the head of a clan. You spend too much time alone avoiding doing. Go do. Don't leave it too late so that you make your health bad. Go be an adrenalin junkie, you know you want! Stop making everything for others and make more for yourself too, you have a right to enjoy the fruits of your labours as well. Stop thinking about things all the time, just do, dance and listen to music more.... Know that you are loved, really, really know it and believe it.

At 8
I was into everything. Full of questions and life and spirit. I was the best tree climber. I spent a lot of time outdoors in my breaks at school, not always with others. Quite often not with others. I also liked books, even then and had begun reading voraciously. I knew no fear. I would have a go at anything. Pain didn't worry me. Fall off a horse? No problem.... I was helpful and keen, nothing was a problem. I drew horses a lot. I played patience. I watched old films with my sister because she didn't like to be alone. I never wanted a dull office job. I didn't want to work indoors. I laughed at the idea of having an office job.


What are you doing? get up early and go climg some trees, or some rocks or something and watch the sun rise. Go do a few things that could hurt but probably won't. Remember how it felt to push your body, to have a body you could use.... Quit that job and stop taking jobs in offices and get outdoors more. Where is your horse?

It seems that more of these tasks are about doing this week than just thinking and writing, so a few less nuggets for here. I consider my previous post to be one of these exercises in hindsight - that is definitely a situation I should have changed but havn't and I look at the payoffs as well....

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  1. Lots of great insights. Hope you find the way to doing more of what you love.