Monday, 10 August 2009

Bottom of the Heap

This week and the next, there is a high possibility that I shall not be posting each day. Do Not Panic! Chances are I shall not have time to stack up posts to schedule either so there will be gaps.

To be honest, it actually feels kind of nice setting up some non-blog time. And next week will be my no reading week for TAW and I suspect this might not be such a huge problem next week either...

It is all a little unfortunate really. Both my work and family are making big demands but family has won and I am not sure that work entirely likes that! Work soooo likes to be boss doesn't it! At what point did work start to own my life?

So I thought I would look at working week times and discovered these do not include work at home, just paid work. Europe bought in a working time directive limits the working week to 48 hours maximum. France went one step further and made it a 35 hour week. The UK didn't bring in the directive, they opted out so that people can work more than 44 hours but can not be forced to do so. My contract states that by signing it, I agree to opt out of the working time directive.

If I wasn't away this weekend and was working all the overtime hours my Boss would like I would be way over the working time directive. I know some people cope fine with long work hours but I am not sure I do. Ideally I would like to work part time. When I have kids I would like to be a stay at home Mum.

I guess another thing is, some people want to maximise overtime pay. I don't, I want to do what I have to and get out of there, as quickly as possible. I don't want to have to do one extra minute I don't have to. I believe that while I am in work, I owe it to my employer to work. I do chat, a bit, but I also work very hard. I am efficient and good at planning my work, I achieve a fair bit.

Some people seem to have the goal of doing as little work as possible while at work. I can't imagine anything worse that sitting staring at a screen doing nothing. Surely pretending to be busy is just as energy consuming as working?

Thing is, all that lovely work I do benefits someone else. I get paid but what real benefits do I see? I work as hard as the managers and directors, while I am working but they get paid an awful lot more. I am just as clever as they are. I work in a dark dingy place while they have light airy offices and sea views. It is my work that supports them, they don't contribute directly to productivity, I do.

I don't like this model of work. It feels wrong. Something has to give at some point. There has to be another way for me.


  1. Yes it is wrong and it is wrong for them to make you sign something opting out of the work directive. What is the point of it if they can do this? There is definitely something wrong with the systme as it is. Intelligent talented people like you work in dark dingy places while THEY sit in their bright seaview offices and get paid big bucks. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Can you tell I feel strongly about this? I hope you find another way and find employment where you are valued, using all of your many skills and get paid what you are worth.

    I will miss your daily posts, I look forward to reading them, they are always so interesting.

    I was thinking about you this morning when I was reading Recovering a Sense of Possibility and thinking about all the furniture you have that you hate. How lovely it would be to get rid of it all and leave a space for the new stuff you would love to have. You are so creative, I am sure you would find what you want at the price you can afford. I was thinking about myself as well and how I block the universe from providing what I want and need when I know synchronicity works. I have seen it happen over and over.

    Family is so important and yes work likes to think it owns you body and soul.

    What Rose wishes for herself, I wish for her also.

  2. Thank you Leone, thank you very much. *hug*

  3. It is so unfair - that your abilities, creativity, intelligence are not being acknowledged. Your company is the kless for that. I wish I could make it right - like Samantha on Bewitched - a tweak of my nose and wrongs could be righted!
    A principal once told me that family came first and that I had to do what was best for me and for my family. Work would alwaysbe there and no one would thank me for all the extra I did if it effected my health. I have held on to that as a life line sometimes - especially last year when my mom was ill and then died. I had a different principal but he was wonderfully supportive.
    I wish for you to find someone supportive like that. That you would be appreciated and rewarded for your hard work!
    Take care - lots of us will misss you!

  4. To be honest, I am appreciated but it isn't the sort of place that needs intelligence in any but those who want to be in charge of people really and as for creativity, i don't think they need that at all! I wish you could twitch your nose like that too, except somehow it always goes humorously wrong and I wouldn't wish that Mother on anyone! *laugh*

  5. I agree with you Rose- overtime and moi just don't do well. However, the nature of my job means that often (especially when I was getting paid overtime- now I don't, very motivating to leave on time) I stay late to finish reports, charting or home programming for a client.
    I do much better with less work- and every other friday I have off with this new job- I work an extra 45 minutes a day for two weeks and get it as an entire day off. NICE.

    I wish you peace and rest during your non-blog time :) I'll miss your posts, but I'm happy for you and will look forward to your return :)

  6. I will flatter myself that the "Don't Panic" was for my benefit....*grin* Thank you for the warning!!!!

    I was just reading - and never got to finish - a blurb somewhere about the Simple Life Movement or Simple Living Movement..something like appeals to our sense of working only to live and not invested all of our energy in someone else's idea of productivity....

    There's a fine balance between feeling appreciated and challenged in your work and being stressed and overworked.....part-time helps a great deal in maintaining that balance for sure...

    Hope you have a lovely 'family' time....*cackle*...I shouldn't laugh..I have a whole whack of it looming myself...:)