Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I find myself slowing again and feeling grumpy and I wonder if maybe my lack of morning pages is beginning to show. I think their benefit is clear... I shall start again I will. I think though they set challenges in that they uncover things and bring them out into the open....

I am tired and sleeping oddly with many and varied dreams. One saw a huge Lime tree that grows in my parents garden, supporting many sunflowers in it's upper brances - an odd sight to be sure! No idea what that means! Or where it came from...

I must get on with them for they definitely have their rewards. My head is quieter. I am more even tempered. I am more creative as long as I get them done. Strange how such a simple thing can do so much. Strange how something so simple can be so hard.


  1. Yup.

    Chapter 4 will tell you that the strange mood patterns and more vivid dreams are a sign that you're unblocking....

  2. Aren't the truly good thing the easiest but not simple to do?

  3. I have the same feeling about meditation (and yoga stretches) - such a boost of clarity and wellness, and so much resistance. May you continue meeting your intention to do writing pages with clarity and good energy.

  4. unblocking sounds good.....

    I am so glad I am not alone in these feelings!