Saturday, 8 August 2009


I have often said that I am bad with ceremony. I just have no idea how to get it. As such I tend to neglect it and neglect celebrating the moons and festivals.

I found myself celebrating Lammas despite myself. Drinking blackberry mead with a sacrificial king.

I think I celebrated the full moon last night despite myself again. I think I am being firmly told that there are other ways, without ceremony. Not necessarily easier ways either.

Sitting following a ceremony for me feels empty. I don't do it because I do not feel able to connect with the energy. I don't find it hard to follow and do, I just find it hard to connect with.

Last night in comparison, there were times when I was pretty scared, to say the least. Anyone can go out walking by themselves in the dark but for most people, I guess this is not how they connect. I discovered last night that it is how I connect.

There was one other odd thing. When I returned home I was tip tapping away on my laptop and Little Dog went in the other room and started growling, after a short while she came back and went back to sleep. When I went to bed she stayed downstairs. I was just going off to sleep when she started growling and barking again. I shut doors and bought her upstairs with me.

This morning when we came back down, Little Dog was very intrigued to go in the Lounge as if to check whether something was still there or not.

I have read that dogs can see ghosts.

I don't understand all of what last night means but I know there are layers of meaning in it. I know I started grumpy, tired and sad but by the end I was feeling enervated, happy and free. I know I touched deeper things but I don't have the knowledge and understanding to unpick them. I guess there are mysteries out there....


  1. i agree....ceremony and ritual aren't something I do best, it's quiet contemplation by the fountain or sitting out on the back step with some incense and candles going....I HAVE to be outside...anything indoors doesn't seem quite right.

    There are other ways to access the mysteries, I wholeheartedly agree...which is why 'formal' or ceremonial traditions just won't work with me....a walk in the wild places with a few crystals in my pocket and the hounds crashing through the bush works much better..


  2. Oh she was crashing about when we went up the hill! At one point she was running in little circles around me barking and growling at me, saying 'come on then!'. No way I could catch her though, too much greyhound in her....