Friday, 14 August 2009

The Ants That Crawl

This is a very quick post!

My home is currently being ravaged by tourists. Last night it was hot and we wanted to take Little Dog to the beach. Most of our beaches are no go places for dogs between Easter and the end of September though. One lovely beach that is open to dogs is Perranporth and at low tide there is a gorgeous expanse of sand but at high tide the water comes right up the mouth in the cliffs towards the town and cuts off the town from the bay but even in the bay, the waves lap at the edge of the land.

Last night, high tide was at 10ish but I knew by the time we got there the beach would be shrinking, cramming all the tourists into an ever smaller area. All the dog walkers would be there, trapped. It would be horrid.... If you happen to own a very quick and inquisitive Little Dog. Too many people...

We went up onto the cliffs to eat fish and chips and there were people parked up with motor homes, setting out tables and deckchairs - in for the night. Every five minutes an intrepid band of walkers would appear, or another car. And this is one of many little car parks along a line of cliffs with no (safe and easy) access to the beaches below, no facilities, nothing, just a view. In the winter, you will find only locals here, catching a bit of air, and not to many of them....

So we went up big hill and even there, away from the coast where the tourists don't think to go, there were more cars than normal. Probably all the locals driven from the coast in search of some space. There was more than enough room up there for all of us though and it was beautiful and we had just a good a view of the sunset, if not better.

I know complaining about tourists might seem mean and selfish as they bring so much down here but the fact is this huge county is mostly empty when the tourists arn't here. Only 527,000 human souls live here but in the summer holidays, for a few short weeks our population soars. Other times of the year, there are tourists but not so many. To be honest, my problem is more one of claustrophobia - we just arn't used to it....

Give it a few short weeks and the land will start emptying out again though as they go back home to start school and college, assuming the best of the weather is over, but let's hope there is a nice bit so we can go enjoy the beach with Little Dog without blocking someone's sun or falling over their wind break.

I am so glad they don't think to leave the coast behind mostly. Imagine if there was nowhere to go that was serene? Maybe you city folk could handle that but I know I couldn't....


  1. You know, it's funny...I was just contemplating this notion the other day when I was strolling through a touristy spot.

    It always is a wish when you're someplace like that to wish you could just live there. But, then I got to thinking how invaded you would feel when the season was upon you. Suddenly, I decided I think I'd rather just visit than endure being set upon each year.

    I think I understand how you must feel.

  2. I can imagine that the influx of touristy people would be extremely maddening...

    ..even when I'M the tourist, I prefer to avoid touristy places and as to avoid the tourists...:)

  3. It's hard to be on the hosting side of tourism, but I imagine that your country is balm to the spirits of some who are cooped up in concrete much of the time.

  4. hello~i came here via mel!
    i live in the heart of the new forest and have the same with tourists...a few days ago i was walking home from the village muttering and moaning 'roll on september'i love the emptiness and peace that comes with their your blog by the way!