Monday, 6 July 2009


I am sure I had some great idea of what to write about while at work today... Maybe not... Anyway it has vanished now...

This month's herb / spice is to be tamarind paste and as yet I have no idea what to do with it. Asfotedia wasn't my most favourite and is alright used in small quantities with other flavourings. I love Black onion seed and it often finds it way into dishes. Fenugreek is fine, if you want things to taste like curry powder. So any ideas about tamarind would be gratefully received...

I failed to do anything for charity last month so I have a month to make up. Pirate FM, a Cornish radio station, is currently supporting the Precious Lives Appeal. In Cornwall we often suffer in terms of facilities. Specialist things often tend to be placed in Devon and this can mean a very long journey. One example of this is children's hospices and the Precious Lives Appeal is raising money for a hospice in Cornwall, especially for those children who can't travel so far.

The radio station has selected three contestants who are having a mad fund raising time in order to try and win a holiday and do the best they can for the charity. One person is having an appeal for pants (knickers or whatever you might call them) which will be hung on a giant washing line across the Tamar Bridge (big bridge between Cornwall and Devon). I might buy a cheap pair and decorate them and send them with my donation - maybe £10 because I know I am never, ever going to do the fruit thing on my list...

I might also do another parcel for a service person, maybe in Iraq this time. I enjoyed doing this last time and it will help me catch up!

Yesterday in my wanderings I missed out on a visit to a holy well (St Levan) and a hillfort (Maen Castle). Maybe I should take my map with me so that I can tell where things are when I end up in places.

I started drawing spirals yesterday. I did a single and a double spiral and they are both pretty simple once you know how. I need to start having a go at constructing more complicated spirals now in order to develop them into beautiful full on celtic lovelinesses.

I also discovered that using silk painting techniques on cotton isn't so good. I used gutta on one side but it doesn't soak through the fabric enough to make a barrier. I am going to try putting gutta on both sides of the cotton to see if that works.

I have also accepted that some of my ideas for blog candy are just not practical. I can draw abstract and geometrical things but trying to draw a tree spirit with willow leaves for hair is beyond my current skills. I can see what I want in my head but i can't get it onto paper.... So I am going to stick with what I can do, for now....

I have already started thinking of things for my next list of 101 things. I have a little word file and as I think of things they go on the list. So hopefully next time there will be no dramatic scrabbling for ideas... I like this whole list thing but I did give myself a lot of big projects and things to learn....

F has returned from his work weekend away, yay! So nice to have him back, it just doesn't seem natural not seeing him. I don't much like being on my own really. Just as well I have Little Dog for company....

I guess my only problem with my 101 things list, is my own ambitiousness. I am not getting to tick many things off. Lots of things won't be ticked off until near the end.... This is frustrating....


  1. *guffaw* I think I might as well toss my 101 things to the wind....for all that I"ve made a dent in it so far....*sigh*..'tis that overly ambitious thing...I may grant myself an extension..;)

    I know what you mean about the blog candy ideas..such vision, I have...such ability -- well, not so much...;)

    I just picked up an astrology for beginners book from a hold at the library - I got my birth chart printed out from some online thing and so now I'm going to try and blame my major personality flaws on the planetary alignments at the time of my birth...*grin* Never hurts to have a scapegoat...


  2. ooh lots in this post.. first of all.. tell me about this charity thing you do.. is it a personnal goal? I like that idea..
    and what is the monthly herb thing too?

    I always, always have creative pictures in my head, but they never turn out how I see them.. except for spirit dolls.. I seem to be able to get them done ok! or my soul journal.. that turns out how I see it.. but painting and drawing nuh!
    I cannot wait to get over there to see the Holy wells.. I will just sit and absorb it, I know. we have sacred places here too.. aboriginal sites.. and I want to go bush walking to get to them. there are sacred womens areas that the aboriginal women used for ceremony.. must make sure I do it soon.

  3. tamarind can be used in glazes, or you could make some tamarind chutney, or a Tamarind summer drink

    100 grams tamarind pulp
    500 ml boiling water
    20 ml lime juice
    2 teaspoons grated palm sugar
    Soak the tamarind pulp in the hot water for 10 minutes then push it through a fine sieve until all the pulp has been extracted. Add all the other ingredients.
    Chill, then serve in a tall glass with a twist of lime.

  4. So much to chew on here!

    I love the idea of using astrology as a scapegoat for our personality flaws! *laugh*

    I wrote, some time ago, a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. You can get to all the posts on this via the 101 things tag, including the original full list of things. The things are listed at the bottom of the bar on the right of this page as well but in shortened form and you can see my progress.

    I wanted to give something to charity every month and I wanted to experiment with a new (to me) herb or spice each month in my cooking as well.

    Would love to see the holy sites of your home... I am sure we can find a well or two when you visit! I would sure love to know more about spirit dolls. What are they, what are they for and what do they look like....?

    Thank you very much for the tamarind ideas Gemel! Will the drink work with tamarind paste?

  5. Rose ~ just a quickie, though I'd love to chat longer, but in a rush to get to work . . . I have some south indian curry recipes that use tamarind, and I love it very much! I'll dig some out and email you.

    Have a great day!

  6. did you ever create a wish jar?

  7. Would love those recipes Sam!

    I have still the little task of creating a wish jar to get round to... I never seem to find the right jar!