Friday, 24 July 2009


It's another night when I have nothing to say but feel there has to be something in my head that wants to come out. Except there isn't and I want to go to sleep.

I just finished monstorous pink necklace demanded by the f m-i-l for some friend. Yay! Now I don't have to make any jewellery again for some time. Except I promised a pair of fairly intricate earrings to someone and sometime soon I should start on the little rash of presents I have to have prepared for the Xmas run. Problem is, in my extended family four of the women have birthdays around Xmas and another is a little earlier. It turns into a bit of a military campaign of making. Can I really face that much jewellery this year? Not sure.... Maybe silk scarves of simple design.... Stand back and throw paint? Would that do?

My new antibiotics have made me susceptible to wind. It seems to have made me very sensitive to sugar. Maybe this is a good thing. I actually turned down a doughnut this afternoon. This is un-heard of...

It's a good job I REALLY LIKe some of the people I work with because some of the others are really odd. Not obviously odd but the more you get to know them, the more obvious it becomes. There is the Lady of Lies and of course the Little Princess. You already know far too much about the Little Princess but the Lady of Lies.... Have you ever come across someone who is forever a victim, forever taking of help, forever requiring of help but slowly things come together and it is obvious that there is a web of misdirection. I feel sorry I really do, she is a damaged person, but men seem to end up a lot poorer for knowing her but yet she never seems to have enough money.... My jury is out, I have no proof of anything and she hasn't involved me of anything but the more things that happen around her, the less it feels like accident.

I had to spend some time with her this week without anyone else around. It meant leaving behind my nice protective charm bag (If I wear jeans it goes in my pocket, if I have high necked top then it goes round my neck but that day I had neither so it was in my bag). It didn't take long for the subtle dragging down of energy to begin. I had to sneak back to the office for my bag...

I am slowly realising the energy dynamics of my office... The Lady of Lies gently sucks energy, continuously and effectively, Little Princess knocks my energy off kilter and sometimes when she is really off colour she really packs a punch if she gets too close and the Boss sometimes gets very stressed and then everything gets lit up with little lightning bolts of static. The odd thing is that the men of the group mostly have little to do with the energy dynamic. Is it that women are more susceptible to womens energy?

It all makes me wonder what my energy does to the group. How do I affect the dynamic and now I have my little bag of tricks how has that altered it? Working with these people has really taught me about energy. I have had to learn how to guard myself, how to recognise the effects of others energy but I still have a long way to go, I am not very practiced at all but I have begun.

I read about centering, grounding and sorting out chakras a long time ago but the neccessity of such things has really hit home here. I have gotten very good at emergency grounding and cord cutting and barricading myself away but my charm bag really helps. I don't have to be quite so on the ball to spot when I have to do it. Sometimes I would realise too late and getting back your energy and protecting yourself are very hard after the fact...

Do other peopl out there notice energy like this?

I guess I found something to talk about. Sometimes I find some odd things come out. Sometimes I think I would be better keeping my mouth shut when I should be asleep...


  1. *grin*.....glad to hear the little bag of tricks is helping...

    ...and yes..I do find that I'm more susceptible to women's energy....although some men are difficult to be around too...rare though...

    *yawn* behind on my reading and yet so just wanting to crawl into be with Lint...;)...which would sound lecherously funny if I didn't think he was probably about a hundred years old by now...eeeewwww...*grin*

  2. Oh yes it is helping! Interesting about being more affected by women's energy - I wonder why?

    I can see why you would want to crawl into bed with Mr de Lint.... He books are beautiful...

  3. I'm incredibly affected by other people's energy, and more so in the workplace. Stress is part of every workplace, and it can bring out the worst in people. I wouldn't say that women affect me more than men, but I do work with more women, so it happens more often for that reason. I have been very hurt and discouraged by men who have been subtly sexist in the workplace.
    I have a couple of mantras that I use at work: "That's not mine" (good all-purpose one for deflecting unwanted stuff) and "I like ___, I just don't like her stress." (helps me with my goal of being unconditonally loving toward all) There's a Buddhist slogan I've also used: "Don't contemplate others." I use this when I find myself overanalyzing someone or obsessing about a conflict. When I can let stuff go, I feel better. I used to work with someone who was just awful. She switched to a different job and she's a completely different person now--friendly, effective. I realized there must've been a lot going on in that old job that didn't meet the eye. Good to give people the benefit of the doubt--we don't know the pressures they're under.

  4. One more thought: A few weeks ago, I dealt with a very angry (male) client. He wouldn't listen, he just wanted to vent. I felt I handled it well, but afterward, I couldn't focus on anything. Days later, it was still affecting me. I went and had a massage with a therapist who also does energetic healing. She could feel the stuff he spewed at me in my "field". She said it felt sticky.

  5. Thank you very much Kim. Those sayings are fantastic and very applicable. One of the problems I have at work is that the person I share a job with isn't suited the job, if they could be somewhere else doing anything else, I think they would, but the economic times don't make it so easy....

    I love hearing about how energy feels to others and how it affects others. I think we all have slightly different ways of experiencing it... I can so understand it affecting you days later...

  6. I found this helpful - I DO know these things about energy, but forget to take what I know into account. I get sucked into the dysfunctions and get derailed myself. Great reminders, Kim! If I can remember to take even a minute to breathe and center down, it helps me sort our what's my business from what's not my business. Detach my projections, and refuse the projections cast on me. It also helps if I'm rested!