Thursday, 30 July 2009

TAW and Changes

I have noticed a change in myself this last couple of weeks...

I don't know what the cause is exactly...

It could be TAW and the morning pages (which I don't always manage to complete)

It could be my lovely charm bag and smokey quartz necklace

It could be the ginseng I have started taking each day

It could be the antibiotics I am taking to be rid of my lump that are also having the effect of clearing up my skin condition

It could be the lovely reiki energy a friend offered to send me

I don't know, it doesn't matter.

So what is this change?

I don't know if ever I have said before but sometimes I have the most amazing dreams. The sort where the most amazing and fantastic things happen. Where all is good and great and happy and life is just one fantastic adventure of joy. Except then I wake up and I can't remember the dream. Then I remember my life and the feeling dies, snuffed out and gone.

I am feeling an echo of that happiness inside myself.

My body is without a doubt happier and I know I have more energy. I know it successfully fought off a nasty cold without laying me low and making me take time off to fight it. I think that is a separate change....

Last night I wrote the two letters and I just wasn't happy with the second one. It was stale and dull. I posted them and I just knew I had to go back. And a story flowed out of my fingers. And when the story was done, I liked it. It said what I wanted it to say. I think more importantly it did what it said it did. Something has been unblocked somewhere along the line. Having stories back in my soul gives me back that feeling that life can be magical and beautiful. It doesn't matter if it is dull and mundane if you can feel the magic and it flows from your fingers.

I have no idea what I shall write next but I know that this writing malarky is good for me. I think back to where I was when I first started this blog. I like craft but there is something about a good story...

I know there is more to come in my artist pages. So far they are relatively dull but every so often there is a small gem of an idea as something steps in and carries me somewhere for a moment....

... mostly to fly with the seagulls who carry their souls between their wings...

... are seagulls the free souls of fishermen lost at sea?

I feel a story brewing, I just have to work out how to get it out and how to make it all fit... I hope I can...

1 comment:

  1. Oh and you did, you did!!!!

    *more weeping*

    I'm so incredibly happy (and weepy, it seems!!)

    and you're right..there's nothing like a good story....much less clean-up...*grin*


    seriously though...this is BRILLIANT!!!

    ~love 'n sniffles~