Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Mood of The Day

The young man who decided to go swimming with three friends last night will never go back home again. He and two others were jumping off the rocks, two made it to shore while he was dragged away. By the time F and I reached Godrevy his body would have already have lost it's driving force and who knows where his soul might have been. I hope he has or will manage to pass over soon to wherever spirits go.

I started the day sad and tired but my mood has improved throughout the day. It was fantastically improved by a lovely little package from Canada. Mel sent me the wrecked remains of my get a friend to destroy this page, page which has been magically transformed into a woven coaster! Oh I laughed so much when I saw it! There was also a lovely pressed flower, for my pressed page (no idea what sort). Savannah had also included some lovelies, several beautiful drawings and some paper dolls! I also received a page of Mel's journal to wreck *evil grin*

I have been experimenting with Tamarind and as soon as I opened my jar I recognised the smell. I know I have eaten this many times and it seems to be the 'missing' ingredient from many chinese dishes I have thrown together. I did some chinese ribs and a stir fry tonight both using tamarind paste and they were lovely... I also used honey, soy, chinese five spice, black and red pepper and ginger....

I also found a block of tamarind so I think I can have a go at Gemel's lovely suggestion now too... Sam also has offered Tamarind suggestions, which I shall gladly try.... My favourite so far by quite a bit!

Bits of creative things are proceeding slowly in the background... and I do mean slowly! I feel behind on things at the moment. I was going to do an earth healing last night but events got in the way and tonight catching up and cooking has held sway. I know I am putting it off. I know my lack of success with ceremonies and my feelings of inadequacy in all things magical are getting in the way. I know I just need to get on with it... Because when it comes down to it, I want to do it and I believe in it.....

Today is wishcasting wednesday but I am not sure what the wish is for today except that I wish for the young man who passed away to be at peace and I wish for the world and it's healing. For myself I wish a piece of this green land for my own to nurture and love....


  1. Oh... sigh. death by sea is a common occurrence here in Nova Scotia as well. but mostly fishermen . Although I hear stories about Peggy's Cove- just the other day a tourist got too close to the waves on the rocks and was swept off- luckily a few local fishermen were there with life rings to save her.
    the ocean is so mighty, so beautiful, so savage. I love her, but she scares me. I guy I went to high school with was swept off his fishing boat when he was 21 yrs old. in winter waters it doesn't take long.

    the pictures you posted of the RNLI (sp?) look like a similar ocean (well of course it's the SAME one, but you know what I mean... haha). :)

    Yay for mail!!! :)

  2. Also! I just was listening to the CBC radio, and they did an whole piece on "The Human Shrub" in Colchester... I know it's not close to Cornwall (I google mapped it!! lol), but it was funny as I was just earlier thinking about England and what it must be like to live there! :)

  3. *grins* So glad your parcel arrived safely...;)

    I think my magickal self returned as soon as I stopped thinking about it so much. I really don't do *ritual* very well -- it feels eejity to me to talk out loud to myself so I just natter on inside my head. Having the kids to talk to helps...perhaps Little Dog would like to join in?! Plus, the idea of formal stuff makes me think too much of mainstream church-iness which never sat well with me either.....Mostly, for me, its about gesture - setting up a little shrine, lighting the candles, filling up a bowl of offerings or mixing some herbs for incense -- I let that do the talking for'll find your way back, I'm certain of it...

    I, too, wish a safe and gentle passage to the Summerland for the young one lost to the sea....and healing for his family and friends left behind...*sigh*

    Loooooooong day so finding myself incoherent...ttfn


  4. Rose, may your wishes be so. I join you in wishing peace for the young man, and for you to find a green place for growing.

  5. Bless his heart, may his journey home be blissful.........