Thursday, 16 July 2009

Tonight I met with the girls which was good. I like meeting with them, we are all so different but yet we mesh as a group. Even all our blokes get on well.... It isn't even as if we are all the same age, or even anywhere near.

Tomorrow we are off to see the new Harry Potter which should be nice too.... and then round to the mate's we are going with for food.

Saturday, F is out. I could go but I don't want to. He will have more fun without me and I will have more fun at home. The evening is about him, not me and friendships of which I am not so much a part.

Sunday he shall be hungover.

Monday he goes to work, but I don't! Yay! The first of two days off! I so need them. I have found that I am getting a bit exhausted some evenings recently and I just need a slightly longer weekend to catch up. To chill a little and I can have it, so I am...

Tuesday F is off so I get to have a nice day with him as well....

So what am I going to do? I have done no wrecking this last week. I have The Artist's Way about to land on my doorstep. I have a whole pile of books to read. I have a Little Dog to take nice places. I have a wish jar which is dry enough to seal and paint and things. I have silk to paint. Material to sew. Threads to braid. Astrology charts to complete. Postcards to send. Letters to write. And it goes on...

And I want to do it all! I love it. I wish I never had to go back to a paying job. I would love to be a part time volunteer, part time arty type, part time student and just generally anything else I fancy doing... Not that I hate my job, I don't not really. But I don't work for myself or do what I want at work....

But the important thing is I have a few more hours at work tomorrow and then I am free for four whole days! And that is all I have to say, Yay! And maybe a few more yays and some hurrahs!


  1. Ooooh, I'd like to be all those things too!! I would love to have a mile-long to-do list full of lovely arty, read-y, volunteery, dog-walking bits of things to do...

    I'm SO JEALOUS that you're going to see the new Harry Potter movie....;)


  2. Enjoy your four days of freedom! Yay! Create and sleep and walk and play!