Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Problem With Mud

Sometime ago Jamie asked on her wishcasting wednesday, what do you wish to play with? The first thing that sprang into my head was that I wanted to play with mud. I was a little bemused by this but wrote about it anyway.

From my own thoughts and the kind comments of others I realised there was several ways of doing this. Playing with clay, having a beautifying clay mask (thanks Holly!) or actually going and playing with mud outdoors somewhere....

I have air dry clay but it's feel isn't the same as the clay I remember from school. It feels as if there is tiny pieces of paper in amongst the clay particles. If you tear it, it doesn't have the same sort of tear as clay does. I can understand why they would do this, I expect it really helps it dry and gives it a strength clay wouldn't have without being fired in a kiln. I smothered my wish jar in the stuff and got nice and messy...

I also remembered something from my childhood. Someone visited the Dead Sea and bought back some mud and salt for my Mum. She let me use some and it was lovely. I looked on line and found a company and ordered three pouches so I could go to town. That was three weeks a go.

They used a courier to send it to me. The courier wouldn't post it without a signature. There was no one home. The next day I went to work and asked if I could have it redirected to work. Permission given I rang the courier. The parcel was already on the van, not surprisingly, but could only be redirected by the sender. I emailed the company later and had to pay some more money for postage so it could be sent again.

A week later and no mud. I emailed again and discovered the courier had apparently messed up. All to be sorted. Another week and not a lot seemed to be happening. Another email and I got the response that he thought it had been sent again already but would check the next day. It didn't arrive the next day but it must have been resent then as it surprisingly arrive the day after. *sigh*

I know the company was not at fault but I do resent how they dealt with after that. Although I asked for a tracking number in both week 2 and 3, they failed to give me one, probably because they didn't want me to track it. The parcel I received was the same one as was originally sent so the courier can't have done anything to dreadful. I do wonder if I hadn't repeatedly emailed them, if they would ever have re-sent it to me.

Would I use them again? Don't know. It all depends on whether I like the mud and want to use it again and whether I find it somewhere else or not if I do want it...

So is it any good? No idea... I only got it yesterday and I refuse to use it while F is about.... If I use a facepack with him in the house he always has to come and make me laugh. I hate the sensation of it once it cracks and I am not taking any chances that I would have the same thing with this mud, but over all of my body...

Updates to follow!


  1. Oh that's so funny that you'll wait until F isn't about....the same would happen here, I'm sure. I remember doing mud masks and it really does feel weird when they crack...;)

  2. Have fun wallowing in your mud! I didn't know TAW had started, I had better check it out.

  3. Rose,
    She felt that way too, she did get to touch a stone on the out skirts and we all feel that way. I think touching them and walking on the ground is as important as seeing them. Creat picture though, you can see the clod wind in her face.