Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Little Indiscretions

What to talk about tonight. There is so much I would love to write about, but I can't. There are situations I have no problem writing about but that I do have a problem with putting out there, in public, where in theory anyone could see them. Things go onto the net and they may always be out there, out of your control. One blog friend has actually discovered that another site is picking up her posts and reproducing them completely. You just never know.

Many of the things I would love to talk about are other people's business or work things. Some of the situations concerning other people are just too... I don't keep secrets - I tell F. but beyond that I do. I don't like spreading stuff around (although I do love to hear the gossip). I wouldn't want to be the one responsible for putting it all out there as it were. They are not my stories to tell, I am but a bystander...

As to work things. I am governed by confidentiality agreements and I will not break that, not even here where I am unlikely to be found. Also by putting out details like the ones I would love to, I am making it more likely that I can be identified. It would only take one comment here and the wrong person and, quite possibly, it would be good bye job. That is not something to be played around with.

Sad thing is though, not everyone thinks and feels as I do. In fact some people are willing to play around with others ability to keep their job. Their discretion is so lacking. Combine this with a very egocentric, naive, spoiled view point and they become truly dangerous. Particularly when irritated with someone. Nothing so dangerous as a woman scorned I do believe.....

It is painful to watch in some ways. The target is no innocent and may deserve what they may get, who knows... The problem is though, that they really are no innocent and messing with that and all that comes with it is a dangerous thing. A lack of discretion can sometimes be a very, very bad thing. What gets me is that someone can be sooooo secure and focused on themselves that they can't see the possible repercussions....

So discretion. It is an important thing. Everyday, we all ignore hundreds of little things that annoy us in order to grease the wheels and keep things working and running along happily. Not saying things is how we work.

We see this in progress in programmes like Big Brother, not that I watch it, but I have previously. All the little bits of behind the scenes wheel greasing and emotion venting required for people to get on are suddenly out there in the open. People appear two faced when in fact it's just getting on and making things work.... But being discretely two faced is the important thing...

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  1. I think we were both talking about the same thing, Rose - you called it echoes. Things that happen that never really go away, we are an accumulation of our experiences and we are constantly finding deeper levels of understanding and letting go.

    Workplace politics brought me to my knees and
    you're right "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." The woman in my situation destroyed my life and nearly destroyed me with her lies and her need to "win". It all started about a month after I found my Mom dead in her apartment and carried on for six months until I resigned because, to keep my integrity, I couldn't with her any longer. Don't ever underestimate the cruelty in the workforce and the need for people to cover their butts and leave you hanging even though other people know the truth.

    I've worked through all this emotionally but I will never forget how people I cared about and respected and had told me they admired me and saw me as a mentor, let me down when I needed their support.

    Really, I need to get off my bandbox.