Saturday, 11 July 2009


Today it shall mostly rain. And then rain some more. But that is fine. I didn't want to go out.

I got up for a couple of hours and then went back to bed and slept some more.

When F got back with S we watched a film on Sky called The Spirit. A nice little dark cartoon that we all enjoyed.

I don't really have much to say. I started making a wish jar and I have talked about that a little on my other blog but I just have nothing earth shattering. I have thoughts and beginnings of things swirling in my head.

Synchronicity. Fate. Death. Metamorphosis. Nothing big, you know. Nothing formed enough to write about. Except Kali. Isn't she just everywhere right now in blogland? Those four words seem to go with her to. I thought at first she was a message for others and maybe she is but she might be here to remind me of a few things to.

The RNLI has been a little favoured by synchronicity as well and I feel I need to recognise that and do something for them at some point.

The power of the sea is undisputed. Sometimes she might play nice but in the end she is a wild mistress and she takes her due. She has a lot in common with Kali really. I guess if you accept that we are not in control of everything, it sets us free to really live.....


  1. Perhaps there's a lot swirling around for you, but this ends up being a very thoughtful post - how can any of us, living from a spiritual place, live with confidence and hope when seemingly random and sometimes horrific things happen? Kali as the force of life that both nurtures and destroys is a helpful image for that reality - and the underlying message that life abundantly flows from the pruning.

  2. I have never ever been drawn to Kali.. but the past week she has been popping up in my life and not just in blogland...

    she is perfect for me right now.. I know she is going to help me change my anger and fear into something positive..
    thanks tons for the lovely supportive comments over the past few days.. I am feeling stronger!!

  3. It is odd. Reading that post back today, I realise that what I thought was stream of consciousness post was really just all about Kali and how she has appeared in my life this week....

  4. You're brilliant ~ love this post. Synchronicity. Timing? Metamorphosis .... definitely .... I suspect Kali too.

  5. Oh she has definitely been making her presence felt.... Thanks Sam....