Monday, 27 July 2009


Do you ever get that feeling that lots and lots of things are going on? That you only know some of it? That there is much more lying under the surface? Do you ever have times when you had no idea that anything was going on and suddenly you discover lots is going on and you had no idea?

I had one of those moments today. What it was doesn't matter. I have even been party to some of the events that were sparked off but they meant little to me, beyond their standalone worth, because I lacked the piece of knowledge ready to pin it all together. And then you get that little piece of knowledge and you cringe, just a little, because you had no idea and you almost feel like you should have guessed something was up and dug a little deeper...

Work is like that to. There is so much going on. I have no idea if I have any idea of how it all fits together. It is all so complex sometimes, that I have no idea if I already hold that crucial bit of information. The Lady of Lies has spun a web around her life, others know far more than me, but I actually find I don't want to dig and learn and uncover because that would mean becoming 'involved' and that is not what I want. I know enough to know that she is a sad young lady that I can not help and that trying to is just a band aid stopping her from really having to face herself. I might be wrong, I reserve the right to change my mind.

The politics at work are stepping up. It is suspected by some that there may be redundancies before Xmas. This is a feeling and may be completely wrong, who knows, yet. We can all feel it in the air and some of us feel safer than others, some of us care more than others. I have been used to temp work and the thought of not working and having a permanent job doesn't scare me so much. I can imagine that some who have never had temp work, or been out of work, or had many jobs at all, or been there a long time might find it a little different to me.

There are also some there who are on slightly inflated wages and if they can not find exactly the same job they will be taking a huge pay cut and have to work harder. National agreements can be lovely things.

Thing is nobody knows for sure right now. Plans change in the wind. Those who do know can't say. Already you can sense the weaker ones who might be cut from the herd. The temps for one...

The work situations I am aware of and I am aware that I do not hold all the pieces. Slowly the jigsaw is fitting together. I don't like the other sorts of jigsaws so much, when you don't know they are there till the last couple of pieces fall in. I like change more than I like surprise I think.


  1. Oh yes,I experience the undercurrents where I live and I hate it. I tend to call it the way I see it but most don't and some don't like it. But there are politics here the same as in the workforce. YUK!!!

  2. can change in an instant, and yes it can change by the actions of others, I know how you feel, been there, am there sort of myself.

    Stay in truth and love, nothing else matters, not really :-)

  3. Oh yeah...there's a whole big pot o' crap a-bubblin'.....*sigh*

    I don't like change OR surprise...:)

  4. Rose,
    You're "I want to be " post struck home the other day. There's just stuff in there, and then I'm supposed to work. And on top of all this I just found my bros. and sister's that I know I have had for years and they just found out about me and they are not thrilled. Feels a little weird...I'll try not to take it personal but it's about me so that's hard. Thanks for stopping know what it's like having things running around in your head there just aren't enough hours in the day! Love your Blog!!! Misty

  5. I don't think any of us like it.... Whatever the situation... Thank you all!