Saturday, 25 July 2009


I have nothing much I want to say here tonight, mostly because it has been a creative day and I have posted loads and loads on my other blog...

I do want to share one little piece of loveliness here though... In response to previous comments about energy, the lovely Miss*R suggested I use smokey quartz. She had also bought a beautiful pendant about a month before, despite knowing that it wasn't for her... The pendant is truly beautiful and this sad little picture really does it no justice what so ever.
The bottom stone is smokey quartz and is a lovely double point with some beautiful little side crystals as well. The top stone is black and I would guess it is obsidian. Up the necklace there are round smokey quartz beads. It has been strung on black cord and has the most amazing knotwork. The knots form serpentines inbetween the round beads with cord passing down the sides of the beads. The larger stones have not been drilled, instead they are sat in nets made of cord. Truly made by a master craftsperson....

As a maker of jewellery myself this piece is so far outside of my particular set of skills...

So now my smokey quartz sits around my neck with my charm bag. And in the winter they will both be there everyday.

One day I might even be less self conscious of my witchy-ness and be far more open about it all but that time isn't now...


  1. oh it arrived!! I am so glad you liked it... the woman who created this masterpiece is a very spiritual woman who I met oneday at a market and we became friends.. each time I went to our little Gypsy caravan, I would visit her market stall and buy her crystals.. she makes the most amazing hanging crystals just like these.. then she moved and I lost contact.. until I found her card in my purse and called her... she had moved to a place north of me and funnily(?) enough I was visiting her area that weekend.. so I went to her market stall and this is where I saw your piece.. and knew I had to have it.. I thought it was for me.. but when I tried to wear it I knew it wasn't. I also bought a fluorite one very similar which I wear constantly... so I hung that smoky quartz around the Goddess statue and promptly forgot it.. until your post and knew it was for you.....
    I will email Victoria with your words, she will be touched... and she is also an Earth Healer like you and I.. she has a disc and she drums.. so there you go.. that is the story.. xoxo

  2. This really is a lovely piece. How lucky you are to have it. I hope you are able to show your witchiness soon. It is a bit scarey though not many people understand the truth about it and tend to think of it as something evil. They just don't understand that it is a a positive practice.


  3. ooooooh,..what a gorgeous's just brilliant!!

    Ah..bedeck yourself with stones and crystals and go clackety-clacking down the garden path..wildflowers in your hair and a broomstick tucked under your arm....:)

    Okay...some day then...


  4. Rose, I really enjoyed checking out what you've been getting up to on your other blog ~ a very creative day.

    This smokey quartz piece is wonderful. And I had forgotten that I used smokey quartz when I was learning more about how to balance and manage my energy. Good for protecting your energy from others at work too. I do hope you enjoy wearing it.

    Sorry .... I'm not very awake yet today, and not able to be more interesting or intelligent! *grin*
    See ya round soon, Soul Sister.

    Beautiful Blessings

  5. Thank you so much Robyn, it is lovely to hear more about this lovely necklace and it's creator. It is such a beauty and she is very talented lady....

    Oh and Sam, I didn't all that in one day! *laugh* I just took photos and posted it all on one day!