Friday, 10 July 2009


There is a recession going on. I am sure everyone has noticed by now, except maybe some of the bankers - they seem to have forgotten all about it already.... I am not sure how much it had affected me but these last few days, things seem to have changed at work.

I wrote loads about work. But then I realised that I can not publish it.

My job is fine for now. It may be fine for some time.

It is odd. I finally realised why I have to stay in this job. I have run away from so many other awkward situations in other jobs. It is what I always do it seems. It has been an easy thing to do working as a temp as well. This time I have to stay, I have to prove I can. If I get made redundant due to the recession then I would know that I have been released. I know this sounds odd, but....

What will be, will be...

I wrote a load more about work and realised that I couldn't publish that either *sigh*

One day I would like to be free of contracts!


  1. Thanks for you comments on my blog Rose. I have an idea what to do with my wrecked journal but will not say until it's done - just in case it doesn't get done. Thanks also for your book reviews, I have ordered both books from the library, was very pleased to see they had them. I'm looking forward to reading them.
    I am reading Marcia Willett's The Way We Were and it takes place in Cornwall. She talks about the RNLI. I had never heard of it before and now hear of it twice in one week syncronicity. It is so sad the the third young man is lost. I couldn't help thinking about him. I was hoping that you would report that he had been found.

  2. No problem Leone. I have added The Way we Were to my amazon wish list, thank you! I hope you enjoy those two books!

    The RNLI is a big part of any life that involves the sea in this country. They are the safety net. We have so much coast in this country that there are a lot of opportunities for the RNLI....

    Believe me, I have spent a lot of time thinking about that chap as well. His name was Jonathon Boone and he was a local. The irony is that he apparently didn't much like the beach and hadn't been in years. I have a face to go with the events now.

    I knew when I went to bed that he was dead which was why I couldn't sleep. As soon as I started thinking about the currents and tides there at that time, I knew he was no longer on the surface of the sea.

    I think your RNLI synchronicity is a nudge at me.... They have been cropping up in my life a lot this week too.

  3. Oh Rose, we are so similar in this respect. I've been a temp so many times ~ it suits me, I hate contracts ... feeling tied and bound.
    But what you have said, the realization you've had, sounds really sensible.

    I've often wondered whether this resistance to being committed to one job is something that I just need to overcome. But it's so hard to force yourself into that mould. Perhaps we're just gypsies at heart. I certainly feel happier just moving from town to town when I feel ready.

    But staying put in a job has its benefits. If you're always the last one in, you never get established, never get to grow, or have an impact on the place. And it goes without saying that you're always on a starter's salary, which as I get older I deeply regret more and more. You can't buy a house or have nice little luxuries for yourself on that kind of pay.

    *sigh* .... whatever will we do with ourselves!

    just keep looking for more and more insight, I guess.

    Love you. x

  4. Contract work is poopy -- I dealt with that when I was working at the Vet. College and its one of the reasons I left....too much uncertainty and I saw other people positively ravaged by it...

    Glad your work is solid for now...time to temper the wish-energy? ;) *cheeky grin*

    I, too..thought your young man..I was musing on the fact that in all our strivings to conquer this planet, we have yet to conquer the sea...and I don't believe we shall...

  5. I don't think I have ever thanked you enough for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments.
    I have never done contract work - but have known people who have. It is difficult. Glad that you are secure.
    This recession seems to hitpeople in so many different ways. I can only hope that it brings people to the realization that we really don't need a lot - that family, love,friends and a bit of interest like art,or reading can sustain us.

  6. I kind of like being free.... But this in itself is only temporary. I am going to get married and have me some kids and I am going to be at home with them in the beginning and do all the things with them that I want to do.....