Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Lunar La-La

The moon plays with all of us but women especially....

The combined hormones at work pulled me out of my routine so that my moontime came with the full moon but this month the moon pulled me back and here I am dead on the New Moon and my moon time is here. I have heard it said that all women should have their moontime linked to the full moon but I am really unsure why this is so and how do we know?

You see I really do think the New Moon is my time. I find something very interesting about the new moon. The full is beautiful, of course, it shine bold and bright but it is the new that sings to my soul. The New Moon is poised at the moment when all will increase. It's darkness is mysterious and deep. She encourages us to look within ourselves more. She let's the stars shine brighter. She is still there but she doesn't reflect the brightness of the sun at us, although sometimes you can see her reflect back our shine, earthshine.

So my time off was perfect. I was able to chill and go with the flow as my hormones brewed and somehow, this feels as if it has led to less stormy emotions and bodily reactions than normal. I could feel the renewal in my energy this morning, instead of feeling drained from fighting the tides in my body.

Right now, all things are good and the New Moon shows me the way to go.


  1. I think your body & soul knows when your own Moon Time is.. and if it New Moon.. so be it..and your wise words show this.

    I have a book somewhere about this.. I will see if I can find it and read up on it for you..

  2. I had actually read somewhere that ideally we ovulate on the Full and bleed at the New...or perhaps it was the other way around....? Not sure who decided that...very likely a man...:)

    It makes sense that you are feeling better having had the time off -- we are meant to rest and's our sacred time..but someone - again, likely a man -- decided that we should soldier on and power up and act like nothing is happening....bollocks to that, I say...:) Ha! Let's see a man do that.....;)

    That cycle is resetting...ovulation at the New (I can tell because my head spins around and lava flies out of my ears at the slightest provocation) so I will bleed at the Full.....and then it will shift back again....

    Ah, the Mystery....

    Off to consult the tarot now....;)


  3. I miss my moon times...miss them.

  4. I would love to know more about this... Given we go through this every month, it is very sad that the inner workings of it are a bit of a mystery. Sure we are told the 'facts' that science gives us but i think this is only half the story... Would love to hear what you find in that book Robyn...

    I wonder if I too will miss them Holly...

  5. I don't miss mine.. since my hysterectomy, I am more in-tune with the Moon than I ever was.. not sure why.

  6. Strange how things work isn't it Robyn. I guess moontime isn't the only thing that connects as ladies to the moon...

  7. Unfortunately, our patriarchal society has made women's moon time a joke. When women are emotional, expressing the truth about how they feel at their moon time, they are dismissed by with, "oh, she's pmsing." No, she is not pmsing, she is being honest about her life and how she feels. That's a scarey thought, I guess, but true. Women really do need to go within and nurture themselves at this time, just as you have done, Rose. There is a rythm to women's lives and if we don't or can't honour them because of work or other demands we become cranky and frustrated. It is a mystery that is not really a mystery at all. We have just lost touch with it because of the way we are forced to live our lives that does not honour our womanness. We have be conditioned to treat ourselves with contempt for our "womanness." Very sad.