Friday, 31 July 2009

Glowering Grump

I am feeling a little grumpy and frumpy.

F has had a week of evenings and nights. He has been returning home just as I am leaving for work. If I have caught him at all... Today is night turned into a day and yesterday he didn't make it home in time. The worst week of his rolling shift pattern, without a doubt.

So obviously he has taken account of the fact I have been going early to bed and feeling icky all week and settled on a nice quiet evening in with me.

Wrong, we are off over to a friends for tea and TV watching. Chances are I shall leave him there when i don't wish to fight to keep my eyes open any more and they shall play Xbox to some hour I don't wish to contemplate.

I get home expecting him to be home, which he isn't, so I call to offer him a lift. No answer. He calls me back sometime later to say he agreed to work a couple of extra hours but it will run over because of traffic. Thanks for the text, love.

So no time together and then straight out. Not best pleased with him. Mostly because I just don't feel up to all this tonight. I want to snuggle on the sofa....

This isn't a 'relationship problem', this is a 'my life isn't quite as I would have planned it tonight'. So I shall go out and pretend I am not cross or put out and slink home fairly early to go to bed alone. Again.


  1. Oh...I so understand this right now. It's like two clocks that used to tick in sync are now ticking in counterpoint to each other. A cycle perhaps?

  2. I managed to be grumpy for all of ten minutes on his return home and then we went out and had a nice evening. He even came home the same time as me and then he left me to sleep on this morning and I caught up on sleep a little...

  3. Getting here a bit late....((hugs)))

    Glad it all turned out in the can sometimes be so eejity but the good ones figure it out in the end...which is what counts, really...

    Hope you're feeling better....


  4. Of course they can, it's one of the reasons we love them. Mind you I suspect he might have figured out that I can be an eejit too...