Saturday, 4 July 2009


It is late and I should be in bed. Tonight I went out by myself. It was a works thing and F's work has taken him away all weekend. i find myself sad at the thought of spending so long without him. The presence of friends didn't make up for the lack of him...

I found myself alone on the beach after dark. The moon was near full and the stars were coming out. Someone sat on the cliff lit a flying lantern and let it go off the cliff. I watched it drift out to sea as I bade my love good night on my phone.

So I have an entire weekend of freedom....

Now home with a small (not really) dog curled up and I am resorting to blogging and chocolate cake. All that a girl needs...


  1. *grin* blogging and chocolate cake indeed!!

    I used to hate it when B was gone for overnight - thankfully it doesn't happen often - but I made the most of it by planning stuff to eat and do that he wouldn't normally partake - ie. I love Indian food but he doesn't so he'd get me Indian take-out before he went...then I'd plan to watch TV or movies that he wouldn't have liked...I watched a lot of the Harry Potter movies when he was out....

    ...just little stuff but it made a difference...'course now the kids are here so I'm never lonely but we still plan 'fun stuff' so we don't miss him....;)

    Hope you have a lovely just-for-you weekend!! He'll be home before you know it....


  2. I have recently received the watermelon award for a Ten blog. I have chosen you to pass it on to, please check my blog for info. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. OH!! I just started Moonheart last night - we're going to B's Mom's overnight tonight and I didn't want to take a *borrowed* book so.....yeah, any excuse to start one!!...naturally I was up waaaaaaaay too late because even in the first few pages I am hooked!!!


    Now I must pack and be off to work....xo

  4. mmmm chocolate cake! LUCKY. we went out and bought chocolate syrop in a (glass!) jar that's meant for icecream and I will be using it in my coffee.... lol.

    let me know how you liked Onion Girl... have you read Widdershins? I read them backwards (OR Widdershins *giggle, i am lame...) and would be interested on what you think :)

  5. Chocolate cake is always the answer........ well mostly!