Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Artist's Way: Review of Week One

So far there has been nine days since I started but I am very firmly still on week one. I don't feel ready to move on. I completed the morning pages 7 out of nine mornings, once I didn't because I had to take F to work and he hadn't warned me before and today I didn't because i was depserate to finish my book...

I have had two artist's dates, or at least what I am going to count as such.... I coated myself in mud and played with the mud and had a mud bath. I took some cheap hen party accessories and altered them up to make them fantastically pink and tacky.

Even so, I can barely remember what I read in the first chapter and need to re-read it before i move on to chapter two.

I struggled with the affirmations and blurts. I didn't do them the first day and then completely forgot them. Although I did do some of the exercises, there is more I want to do. What I did was limited. I have a bad memory, I can't remember individual words just the gist of things so I can't remember any compliments, except backhanded ones.

This doesn't entirely surprise me. I find it easily to deal with the negative and I am very comfortable living in a middle of the road sort of a place, but living fully in the positive? Hmmmm, I need to work on this more this week. I need to move into the positive and not onto week two, not yet...

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  1. Oh Rose, I feel like I haven't finished Chapter 1 yet either, and this week we are starting Chaprer 3 ~ I've realized I'm going to have to put aside a bit more time for this .... but I feel it's going to be really important to do. Got to do it NOW.

    Your artist's dates sound fab.

    Keep going, hun. Perhaps I'll get round to sharing some of mine later on.

    ~ hugs ~