Sunday, 24 May 2009

Today was a beautiful day. It was hot, the sun was shining and the sky was blue.

We had S and F cooked a lovely roast. We wanted to take Little Dog out but I didn't want to take her out and make her run in the afternoon unless it was windy or there was some water for her to wade in. She has a fluffy coat and the way she runs and pants.... When that ball is thrown she has to go after it at full pelt and S just can't stop himself from throwing it...

I looked up beaches that you can take dogs to. Many beaches in Cornwall have dog bans operating from Easter till October. I can understand why, the tourists don't want to get jumped on by sandy dogs or sit in dog mess. There are some beaches that don't have bans though and a nice little website told me which ones.

We decided to go to Perranporth which is a town at one end of a lovely big sandy bay. A river flows from the town onto the sands. The beach is sort of an L shape with the town at the end of the short arm. The long arm is backed by cliffs and gets cut off from the town when the tide is high. We looked up the tide as and it was hight tide at about 5pm. We decided to have our roast first. With the weather and a smaller available area, the beach would have been very, very crowded.

We headed out quite late. There were few surfers left and no bathers or sun seekers. The sun was low and casting long shadows. It was beautifully clear, with no clouds on the horizon. We actually got to watch the sun sink into the sea.

Little Dog and S rampaged around, playing ball. The only problem with Little Dog somewhere like this is she is so quick, she can be off with another dog in the blink of an eye. She has a longer range than most dogs! The greyhound in her shines through. Big Dog was even faster.... She was pretty good though....

It was a beautiful, stunning evening and the beach was lovely. How could anything be bad when you are somewhere like this.

We strolled gently back up the beach to the car after the sun had gone down. Unexpectedly, we bumped into someone we knew who works as a lifeguard here. Someone nearly died on the beach today. A holiday maker was taken from the water and resuscitated. Remarkably he was fine!

Danger is never far, no matter where you are. This beach has rip tides. The lifeguards sometimes have to move the swimming area. Sometimes things go wrong, despite all precautions being taken. You can't live your life in cotton wool though, you might be allergic to it!


  1. *giggle* Yes...those pesky cotton fibres...

    Sounds like a divine day....*sigh*..have I mentioned that I miss the ocean?

  2. *laugh*

    It was lovely. I know you miss the ocean... Maybe you should make B move to Cornwall? *laugh*

  3. Wreck This Journal is really quite easy, it's more just messing around. You might want to check it out if you are thinking of doing it. I don't think it will be very time consuming. Things like spitting/spilling coffee on a page, poking holes in a page, burning a page, that sort of thing. A bit shocking for me with my perfectionism and not liking to get my hands dirty or "wreck" things should be a fun interesting process.

  4. Okidoki, here are my questions, I completely understand about not publishing your email, I also felt a little weird doing that with Bohemian mom (and didn't think about the comment-publish aspect at all!).
    I hope they go well, just let me know when you answer them! :)

    1. Books... as an avid reader, are there habits that drive you absolutely bonkers? How do you feel about spine bending, page bending, bookmarks, coffee stains etc? Have you ever lent out a book that when it was returned you were so disappointed with its’ state?

    2. Being Wiccan/Pagan, do you feel there is a difference between North American and European Wicca?

    3. As a creative soul, where do you wish in your innermost heart, for your art to take you? Imagine the world 60 years from now, where is your art, and where would you like most for it to be?

    4. What is your first/favourite memory of magic/fantastical world?

    5. What would be the most perfect wedding for you, if money and family dramas weren’t an issue?

    Thanks for participating and many Blessings!
    ps- I also LOVE LOVE the ocean. :)