Saturday, 16 May 2009

A Quilt of People

i am sat here watching the Eurovision Song Contest. For those elsewhere who may not know about this, I shall endeavour to describe it a little...

This is a song contest that takes place in Europe each year. Each country sends someone to perform a song previously unperformed to represent their country. When I was a child it took place on one night but now there are semi-finals over two nights before the final contest. With the dissolution of the old Russia empire and the splitting of some communist countries the number of eligible countries has soared. Some countries from outside normaly accepted borders of Europe also take part, including Israel and Morocco.

Four countries do not take part in the semi-finals because they supply large amounts of cash towards the running of the contest and took part right from the contests beginning. The UK is one of these. I have no idea if this is fair or not really but what definitely isn't fair is the political voting that has in previous years ensured that the best song doesn't win. Certain groups of countries always support each other. Sometimes countries whose relations are less than cordial support each other. Voting can be a fascinating political insight.... In order to try and get away from this half of the score will be from voting and the other from an independent panel this year... Let's hope it becomes a more light hearted contest where the best song is able to win....

Sitting here watching it though. I am reminded of what a tiny part of Europe we are, this little nest of islands. We have our own European culture but we also have much in common with the USA and Canada. It is easy, sat here sometimes, to forget how diverse Europe is. National dress varies, even in glitzy modern form. People look different, Scandinavians are often blond, Italians and Spaniards are often dark haired. Polish people often have very interesting cheekbones.

For all our differences in looks, culture and politics, the contest is a reminder of how much alike we are. United by pop and fashion. Well nearly anyway.... It is like a lovely old patchwork quilt. Maybe some pieces of fabric go well together and others don't but put it altogether and you have something that is sooo much more than any one small part. Each fabric comes with a story or two. I am part of this.

So far I am liking Greece's entry the most but Armenia was pretty good too.....

The UK has become a little disenchanted with the contest though. Terry Wogan, a lovely Irishman, has retired from being our commentator and has been suceeded by another lovely Irishman, Graham Norton. Wogan's comments on the political voting were one of the most amusing parts.....

In an attempt to try and turn it back into a contest the UK have rallied and summoned the very best entry we can... We had a TV series hosted by Andrew Lloyd Webber who has written a song and I think is going to play the piano in the entry too... The winner of the series, Jade, was selected by us and we are behind her all the way.... Maybe we will make it into the top half of the score board this year....


  1. I wish we got the Eurovision Song Contest in Canada and also Britain's Got Talent. I have seen some of the talents on YouTube and they really are exceptional. Susan Boyle and Paul Potts are two that immediately come to mind. The American shows aren't as good, I don't think - too much polish. The one show I really like is So You Think You Can Dance both American and Canadian are excellent. I know what you mean about politics, I got tired of watching ice skating for the same reason and feel the same about the Olympics, although Vancouver is hosting the Winter Olympics next February. It is so political is no long about the sports.

  2. this is very interesting. Marie at Cpaphil Vintage Postcards posted an old postcard along with a description about it also.
    it's great to hear about it from you..I love how you relate it toan old patchwork quilt.
    You are so right! i think it's just amazing how the European countries come together to do something like's just fabulous. I wish I could see must really be something! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I am sure it must be out there on the internet somewhere.... Much tacky pop music *grin*