Thursday, 7 May 2009

I Need

Clairedulalune recently posted about typing 'your name' needs into google and seeing what comes up. She found the results quite interesting. I didn't think much of it until I had a bored few minutes earlier... My results were very different....

I need some faith
I need a facebook group
I need to investigate possible misuse of AWARE funds
I need to understand that one date is not enough
I need replacing
I need to modify my shell slightly
I need to give my pen a rest
I need to be tightly controlled
I need more hugs, I've truly had a tough day...
I need someone to lodge a Police Report

Some of these are more than a little bemusing but others are startlingly clear. I do need to have more faith, I do need more hugs. I often misuse my funds. I do feel my body could use a little replacement, modification and control - maybe then it wouldn't be so fat and unhealthy. Not sure about Facebook groups or police reports... I also think the one date is not enough might refer to being impatient...

It filled a few minutes and made me think and bought a smile to my face... What more can you ask?

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  1. Of course, you just know I have to go and try this's too funny.....