Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Friend Indeed

Today i realised that sometimes I am a bad friend. Not intentionally but by accident....

At college there was a little group of four of us that got on and all these years later we are still friends. We will probably always be friends. Since college we don't meet as often as we should. Maybe every few months we get together and we always have a whale of a time. We always say we should do it more often and, well, we never do....

A couple of weeks ago I bumped into one of them, I suggested going for coffee but she didn't have time but we agreed we would another time. Via email we arranged to meet and today was the day. Only three of us could make it.

The third one of us is someone I haven't seen in months and today I discovered that she has been having an awful time and is very, very unhappy. Of course we are here for her to contact but she didn't feel able to. A lack of regular meeting up meant we didn't realise things had gone a little upside down and we weren't around to help.

We have arranged to meet again for coffee after work in a couple of weeks time and hopefully our fourth will be able to make it. I think today bought home to me and the second that we need to do this more because how can we help and be friends to each other and be there if we don't see each other?

Thing is, we have suspected the fourth one of us may have been having problems for a while and she has avoided the last couple of meetings for various reasons.

These people are like family and we all live and work within a relatively small area. We love spending time together. OK, so weekends can be a little busy, but after work is perfect. Even all of our partners get on really well. But you can't be there for someone if you never see or speak to them. Today I realised this has to change.


  1. Thank you for tagging me, Rose, it is a good time for me to contemplate this - isn't it always? I am pretty green at blogging and haven't quite figured out how to move my pictures and add things and I don't have six people to tag, but I will do my best. You blog today is something I think about a lot. I don't see my children or grandchild/great grandchild very often so it is hard to feel connected. I hope you and your friends will be able to meet more often and be there for each other. Can there be anything more important in life that being connected to family and friends? I think not!

  2. Got the tag! Will post it later....