Friday, 22 May 2009

Happiness is a Tired Dog

Today I finally finished a few things to send out and was planning to go to the Post Office with F when he got in and stop at a mates place to drop in some books. F however suddenly found out he needed to stay at work an hour longer. So I went by myself. Well, i was going to... But the Little One was looking at me funny...

She wouldn't let me drive home after either... she made me go to big hill and let her out.... Nasty Dog!

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, little fluffy clouds drifted across and a nice breeze was blowing off the sea. We walked along the top of the hill and sat on top of a stack of granite. Little Dog is quite a good climber. Anywhere I am capable of heaving my bulk, is somewhere she can get with ease and at twice the speed. There was a definite line between sea and sky today and the view was excellent.

I love it up there. It looks so open and you feel as if you can see everywhere and that there are no features on top. But there are. Old hut circles nestled in gorse. An old quarry that has been flooded. An boggy pool with low willow trees and Juncus (a spiky bog grass). A granite bench with an inscription.

As we circled back to the car, I unlocked the door and then realised Little Dog had spotted something and wasn't about to jump in. Down the path came a lady with a Jack Russell and the two dogs raced to meet each other. They started to play and Little Dog pushed the Jack Russell over. Slightly worried I grabbed Little Dog but the Jack Russell kept running round her yipping.

The nice smiley lady informed me they were excited yips not scared yips so I let little Dog go. They ran round and round with a bit of rough and tumble. Not just Little Dog doing the tumbling either. The jack looked like she was trying to jump on Little Dog's back at one point! They had a whale of a time.

Eventually the lady went to leave but the two dogs didn't want to part. They would race backwards and forwards between us, even after the lady and I could no longer see each other. Eventually a tire but happy Little Dog got in the car and collapsed. Then when we got home she collapsed some more.

It is one thing I love about hounds: you can walk them for hours and they don't break a sweat or get tired but get them to run full pelt and after ten minutes they are worn out. Take Little Dog out with a ball for 15 mins and you have a very quiet evening ahead of you... Happiness is a snoozing snuggly hound....


  1. *grin* so very true.....lovely stuff...

  2. Hi Rose
    Don't you just love the way dogs can meet each other and just play in such a carefree way. There is a dog park near where I live - in the middle of the city - and all the owners and dogs meet there in the evening. it is so much fun to just sit and watch the dogs chasing each and tumbling around. Big dogs, little dogs, medium-sized dogs and joing in together and in little groups. Wouldn't it be great if us humans could meet and play in such a carefree way - what a wonderful world it would be!!!

  3. They are so good, generally. Our old dog was one of the ones who wasn't so good and this rubbed off on Little Dog while he was alive. Since he has been gone, she has been shining. Today was another example of the way they sort out what is acceptable between them.

    With some little dogs, this rough and tumble game would have been unacceptable but Little Dog knew it was fine with this dog. They both loved it and I needn't have worried...