Thursday, 28 May 2009

Interview with the Mother-Witch

Another lovely interview! These questions are from my soul sister Mel. You should know the rules but... If you want an interview, comment on this post and I shall devise five shiny new questions especially for you!

1) Describe your perfect, but ordinary, day.

It would be sunny, but not too hot with a bit of a breeze. Not during tourist season or the school holidays so that there are fewer people about. I would wake early but well rested, warm and snug with some nice snuggles with F. I would get up and eat breakfast. Then we would go out. To a large extent it wouldn't matter where - I always have the most fun with him and if we are both in the right mood and open to fun, it just doesn't matter. I love going off exploring with him. So we would drive off somewhere and explore, with or without Little Dog. When we got home I would have bath while he cooked and then we would watch a nice film or some such thing.

2) If you could beam yourself and F and S and Little Dog to anywhere and/or anytime - where would we find you rambling?

There is a temptation to take us back in time to be with Big Dog, somewhere wide open but with no roads, people or other dogs and nice secure, but distant, fences. This would mean Little Dog and Big Dog could run together... However, I firmly believe that you can't go back and if you do it just isn't the same or right. Best to leave Big Dog in the past as a living dog and in the present as one of my guardians for it is where he now belongs... So I am going to envision us all to our future home - the one with the paddock and horses, the forest garden, the beautiful house we built with all of it's convenient and green features. And then I am going to envision sucking it closer to the present so that it can appear sooner. Mind you Perranporth beach last Sunday was pretty good!

3) My borrowed question: If you could invite any three people (living or dead) to dinner, who would they be and what would you be eating?

My Grandfathers. I never met either of them. My Mum's Dad sounds like a lovely person but I would love to know if he was gay or not and I would love to bask in his personality. My Dad's Dad died leaving my dad as an only child to carry on the business and support his Mum, a rather difficult lady. He isn't one who finds emotions and things easy to talk about and so I know next to nothing about him and what sort of person he was, despite asking. Maybe I should ask again soon.... And the third... Well it has to be F. He is my partner and joy in all things and I am a better person with him there and everything is always so much more fun, how could I meet these two fantastic ancestors and not want him to share in it?

We would eat... roast pork with crackling, yorkshire puds, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, carrots and some other veggies followed by treacle sponge pudding and custard. I reckon they would all like that.

4) Knowing what you know about the differences between North American and British/European pagans - what one thing would you like to be able to say/tell the North American crowd?

Aside from 'Hello! We come in peace!' or 'fancy a nice walk followed by a cup of tea?'.... I don't think the differences are important (and yes I know I have ranted about them), the important thing is what we have in common. I have yet to meet or hear of a pagan that isn't interested in people and the world at large and is following, or trying to follow, a path of love and self-discovery. I have nothing to say to them as a group but individually I am happy to talk and learn and share experiences with anyone. So I guess, 'Hi, what's your name?' would be a good start...

5) What part(s) of your witching path would you like to more deeply explore and why haven't you so far?

My faith is pretty constant but my religion isn't. I feel a lot less witchy right now than I have at other points in time. My real block in things is my issue with ceremony. I am not sure if it is difficulties with letting go, issues remaining from my christian upbringing (I hated boring church ceremonies!) or the strong desire not to conform or something else entirely different, but I know I haven't got the knack. I am still not sure if it is something I need or not, whether it is or could be central to my religion.

I would like to live my life differently, on my own land, in a house I built and designed eating food I have grown and prepared with children all around me. I want to be closer to my womanhood and to the earth. I would like to live closer to my faith....

Hope you find this interesting!


  1. Ou- these were awesome questions and interesting answers :)

    You're second interview has given me confidence- if you have questions you'd like to ask, I would love to answer them! :)

  2. Hello Rose, loved the interview! I would be up for a interview if you like! Hope you are happy and well!

  3. That was brilliant!! Superb answers....and if there's any left...I'd loooooove some of that treacle pudding and custard...:)

    Thanks for playing along!!

  4. Excellent! Three lots of interview questions to think up this weekend.... *grin* Glad you all enjoyed it and I am sure there would be plenty of treacle pudding and custard left over....