Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Air (Word Wednesday)

Well I could blow of some hot air, I could tell you about how I finally told my boss that I felt that I was carrying the Little Princess and how my Boss had words...

But Air is far more interesting than that!

The months have changed and it is a new direction for Project Spectrum... Air... Yellow... Wood... Spring... I have always understood the colours for the other elements but I always found the idea of air having a colour more than a little odd really. I can see through it, so how can it be yellow? Is it ever yellow? And wood? Isn't that an earthy thing?

So I guess I find air hard to pin down, and isn't that sort of appropriate to? I am an air sign, Libran to be precise and I know I can be hard to pin down... Air is kind of everywhere and nowhere. It is wherever something more weighty isn't. But there are places where even air is absent. And where there is no air, there is just nothing except maybe a blazing star or a few lifeless hunks of rock.

I know air is there but I can't touch it, taste it, smell it, see it or hear it. It kind of reminds me of faith and spirits and all things metaphysical.


  1. very thought really get my mind working Rose!