Saturday, 23 May 2009


Today was a nothingy day really. I feel like I have just started to relax and really wind down but yet i only have two more days and I have to go back to work. DIY and housework are just beginning to feel like things I am ready to catch up on *sigh*. This may of course be an illusion - 'oh I really wanted to tidy the house but I had to go back to work too soon.... *sigh*'.

F is enjoying his new job and it has good benefits - lots of holiday, lots of available overtime, reduced food bills and more pay. I know not every location and client his company has is as easy to deal with as the ones F is with. It is starting to feel somewhat attractive.

In learning how to study I discovered how to shift my concentration level up. This is something i find quite tiring. Somehow I have gotten myself into a little trap at work, I had to work hard to do the job by myself and had to focus to keep going with my dull data entry. Then Little Princess came and joined me but somehow lots of other things got added into our joint job description.... I don't like that I have to focus so hard that I come home tired out. It is not a good enough job to be my world! I don't enjoy it enough or get paid enough for that!

I am still sitting here waiting though, to make sure that when F visits other locales, they are places I could happily work. The only thing that is certain is that if I went for the same job as him, I wouldn't be in the same place and therefore my experience could be rather different from his.

It would give me time during the day but time with F would be very variable. Sometimes we could easily be on opposite shifts. People seem to be fairly happy to swap shifts so it would be possible to take a class like tai chi or some other.

Some sites have clients who like to go for walks and do crafts... In the right site, i could have a fantastic time but in the wrong site.... It feels like a real gamble....

What I would really love to do is some sort of horticultural thing but to be fair I am a long way from fit enough. The other thing i would love is not to have to work and to have some children and lead a full family life. Obviously I don't have any children so that is out right now as well! *laugh*

Maybe it will all fall nicely into place...


  1. I have absolutely no doubt that it will...:)

  2. Ha - things falling into place: I try to think that things find a way, if it's meant to be, without wishing to sound too portentous!

    Just popped over from From Clutter to Shine and thought I'd take the hint and say I'd dropped by; also, read in your 101 To Do that you'd like to visit the Museum of Witchcraft - can thoroughly recommend it, as it's a really good place, and the chaps who run it are lovely; I have a friend who recently finished a PhD on Aleister Crowley, and they let him borrow all sorts of original archival stuff just because they are shiny happy people. Anyway, hello from Devon!

  3. Thanks! Falling into place would be sooo nice!

    I know I have to go to the museum... It is a bit of a hike away. I know someone from where I grew up that knows the people at the Museum and I have only heard good things about them.

  4. I reckon they will rose... stop thinking 'maybe' tho & start saying 'they will'!