Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bliss (Word Wednesday)

Supreme happiness, utter joy or contentment.

OK so in my mind I had an image of bliss as being less about contentment and more about sensation, but no... It is not just happiness and contentment it is way beyond....

So what makes me happy and contented?

A good solid hug.

A sunrise or sunset.

Walking barefoot at the beginning of a summers day and feeling hte dew and mud between my toes.

That feeling on the first day of some time off when you first wake up and then realise you don't have to get out of bed.

A lovely hot bath and a good book.

A good meal.

When S gives me a hug or tells me he loves me.

Making things.

Learning stuff.

Walking barefoot along the edge of the sea.

A windy wild evening and a walk somewhere open.

Bats flying at twilight.

Watching wood peckers feed.

A good evening with friends.

Squeezing a good spot (sorry...)

A good book.

A good film.

Listening to some of my favourite music.

Nature and being out in nature with the sun on my face and wind in my hair.

But bliss? Do any of these thing make me soooo happy, I experience bliss? Have I ever felt bliss?

No, I don't think so.... Am I seeking bliss? No, I don't think so. Seeking bliss conjures up images of hedonistic cretins seeking a chemical high or materialistic fulfilment or both. Ordinary contentment will do me fine.... Maybe if I manage to achieve that all the time, I might start seeking bliss.....


  1. Rose.."bliss" is the first time I held my children after they were born!! I don't think you can seek is a feeling that just happens !!
    xoxo Ann

  2. I can see how that would be a blissful moment....

    I suspect you are right about seeking bliss but I do believe that you can alter the way you think so that you are contented more of the time. This is what I am working on. By making myself more open to contentment am I also making myself open to bliss?

  3. I think so.

    I don't think bliss comes from some *thing* or someone - it comes from within us. And I think thats what I'm striving be able to *feel* it in the Now....

    I fear I'm having trouble feeling contentment at the moment...

    Thanks for the perspective...who know this would turn into such a philosophical exercise? I thought it would be simple...


  4. Rose, i agree with you that you can alter ways you think to be content. I think if you are in a place where you don't feel content within yourself or your word,you probably aren't "open" to the feeling of bliss..bliss being a state of happiness where you are basically oblivious of everything else around you.contentment,on the other hand,i think is a state of being that can come and go..when we are in a personal state of "unwellness",we can't be by looking at things in a different way(altering),contentment can be achieved.your own "personal ZEN". i think contentment is different for everyone..your value,needs,wants,etc...what is it that brings you personal,peaceful happiness?
    strange how i got back to you today...I've Tagged's up to feelings won't be hurt if you choose not's not everyones "cup of tea".
    I am happy when I visit your always have something that makes me think and question..and that's a good thing in my book!!