Saturday, 13 June 2009

Tonight, Shine Bright!

F and I now have less time time together with this new job and last weekend there wasn't much but this weekend is different! Two days and tonight! Yay!

He arrived home just after 8 to wake me up and have a snuggle before we headed off to the best greasy spoon in the whole of Cornwall, Smokey Joes. Don't be fooled by the truck stop ness of it or the lack of fancy-ness. There food is fantastic....

From there to town where I didn't really need to go. I found a nice pair of lilac crocs which will be great for going to the beach this summer and I may have to wear them tonight. I also went to the art shop, again. Bad mistake. I picked up a few more oil pastels, red and pinks and oranges today as wellas some white gutta for my silk painting. Then I decided to carry on mouching... and I saw it. There was a sample card under the Goldens display and it drew my attention to some beautiful shimmery acrylics. I picked up tubes of Interference Blue, green and Violet. I had no idea how to work out the cost so i didn't and went to pay.... Nearly ten pounds a tube!!!!! Oh they really had better be beautiful!

We stopped at Starbucks on the way home and I had my second hot chocolate of the day. Why I thought this was a good idea, I have no clue. I cannot handle to much dairy and cream causes me huge problems. By the time we got home F and I were feeling dire and went to bed for a nap...

Tonight we have to go to a party in fact we should have been there an hour ago and we still arn't ready yet. I could quite happily not go really, my days of loving parties seem to have vanished.... But they are good freinds. The organiser is the friend I met F through and the recipient of the party is the chap F met me through... Lovely couple...

*sigh* Someone make me young again?


  1. I feel the ame way about going out, parties, and the like. I was at one last night and it took me an hour just to leave the house because i was putting off going! I am turning in to a old fart! Some times though it is nice to make the effort and people where bitchin bout the people that didnt go, so my ears aren't red today. (yet!)

  2. Glad I am not the only one Claire! To be honest it was pretty good. My old college group of mates were there and we always have a damn good natter when we are together...

  3. yeah me too... often have to make an effort to get out, even when i know its something i will enjoy... also am under a self-imposed ban from art shops... i can't resist 'stuff' that i just 'need' lol.

  4. I think once you're out the door and there it's not so bad.....I have a vague remembrance of such things...:)

    My book addiction appears to be spreading to art supply I can appreciate your jaunt into the art store very much!!! 'Interference Blue' -ooooh! can't wait to see what they look like!!

    Hope you had a lovely time...


  5. *laugh* i can so understand the art shop ban Suzi - one day soon one of those is going to come my way unless I get myself under control...

    I am sure you shall see the interference colours Mel, maybe even in person *waggles eyebrows mysteriously*