Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Strange Days

Ugh! What a day!

As I knew I would have the evening to myself so i decided to have a go at a visionboard... Lots of things had to happen before this evening though.

Last night I left my lights on in my car. Not the first time I have done this... My battery was completely flat. Luckily F was home and available for pushing and a burly bloke stopped and helped to. Only thing was my car wouldn't start... Last time F and I got it started by ourselves at half the speed in a tiny distance on the same hill....

Seems I killed it this time. F took me to work and we got a nice expensive new battery on the way in for him to fit when he got home.

I had called my boss to let her know I would be late and discovered I was supposed to be on a course I knew nothing about... oops! Caught most of the course but the other sessions throughout the day were in my way and I had to keep stopping and starting a job I needed to do in one of the areas they were using. Because of all this I never really got started and I had that feeling that I had achieved very little but had to run round like mad to achieve it and was very, very tired as a result.

My Boss kindly gave me a lift home which gave the opportunity for much gossiping. We went to the show on the way back so by the time I got in, it was getting on. Little Dog and I left for the river and I am not sure how much I enjoyed it really. I did but my feet felt sooo heavy.

Little Dog left a few presents and during the course of wrapping them up to take home I managed to dirt the end of her lead, which I carry just in case, even though she doesn't need it. At the bridge I decided to dangle the nice long lead in the water to get it clean. It wouldn't reach. I had to lie in the sun, face down on old wooden railway sleepers that smelt of creosote (nice childhood memories as it is what my Dad used to paint our fences with) and dangle the lead over the edge. I lay their for some time watching the end of the lead make furrows in the surface....

Once home I discovered my blog had gone mad! I had a cast a little wish earlier in the day via Wishcasting Wednesday hosted by Jamie (see previous post) and during the day I included triple or quadruple the number of comments any post of mine normally attracts. This meant I had a lot of comments and wishes to return... Then I had to read my blogs for today. So here I am at 5 minutes to bedtime, dashing this post off...

A strange day, but really, not a bad day, not at all..... sweet dreams everyone...


  1. Sweet dreams to you sounds like a very interesting day...I have a lovely vision of you dangling the lead in the water.....very Christopher Robin..I like it very much...


  2. Thanks Hun. It was a nice moment - I havn't done anything like that since I was a kid.... *grin*

  3. Lying on your stomach watching the river flow around the lead sounds heavenly. So peaceful and relaxing. walking your dog and watching the river sounds like a soothing way to end a jumbled up day. Those moments are what count and what we remember, all the rest is like white noise in the background.