Thursday, 25 June 2009


I nearly didn't turn on my laptop tonight. I didn't want to come on. I didn't want to do anything. I still don't.

I have slept badly for the last few nights. It started Sunday for no apparent reason but all I know is that I am tired and have had enough.

So I have posted comments without responding. I havn't read my friends blogs. I am not writing a proper post. I am doing the bare minimum, just so I don't feel that I have done nothing. I have the weekend to catch up,for now I need to catch up on sleep....

Sam was saying on her blog that the Solstice can cause dis-equilibrium in us because it is the most extreme that the planets movement gets. Holly commented that Pluto is doing some odd things and this makes it all worse.

I don't know about this. I don't have the enrgy to think about it but it rings true. The heat might not have helped. Or F working every eveing then coming home to sleep just as I should be going to bed. I havn't had an evening with him since Monday but luckily I get him tomorrow. It will feel good to have a face to face chat with both of us fully awake....

So all the more reason to go and sleep now so I can be alive and respond to him in a way that suggests I have some functioning brain cells....


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling low! I didn't know that about the solstice, but then I got sick again this week... .right on solstice and it has continued all week.

    I hope you have a wonderful evening with F tomorrow night and that you're weekend is filled with fun and laughter!

    Blessings :)

  2. Hope you had a good sleep and are feeling better today.

  3. Thank you every one... I wonder how many others have been feeling low this week Ms Yogini?

  4. Me too... I had excuses... achey swollen leg from working extra hours, pmt, & now i find out about the solstice stuff from sam too... combined with dark moon & crazy planet energies... all supposed to be about going within & being still, which i badly needed, but I couldn't be... so I was a sullen wench with crazy thoughts giving one word answers...a big row in the making... but all ok now!!

  5. Hi Hun, hang in there. You're doing just fine.

    I checked out Holly's info, and Pluto was in opposition to the Sun in early part of the week. This can be difficult, as Pluto is linked to our Shadow Self. So it can bring out the parts of our identity that we haven't dealt with or make us feel uncomfortable. And this literally has been opposing our 'sunny' side (the Sun representing the identity we show to the world).

    Pluto is the Divine Blacksmith, who breaks down our negativities with his hammer and anvil, refining us in the forge. It can be tiring, and a bit painful. Hard to see that we are actually being shaped into something better, something new. And sometimes we really don't want to let go of our comfortable crutches.

    I'll write a bit more about Pluto's effects on us on my blog this week, I think.

    Bright Blessings.

  6. i so do not know much about this...but it sure helps explain how I have been feeling. your words perfectly state how I have been. I'm interested in knowing more...feels like life is just kicking me in the butt..the more I try to do,the less I get done!!

  7. sometimes the computer can drain our energies too.. I have mine surrounded with smoky quartz crystals... and I also sage it about once a month..