Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Houston, We Have a Problem...

Last night F was at work. I had no commitments and nothing I had to do. The e-verse swallowed my night and I didn't even find the time to post. Even more bizarre, I forgot I hadn't posted.

Last week I didn't feel so hot and I got very behind reading blogs. Although I only had 24 hours maybe when I didn't read anyone else's blog it took me most of the weekend to catch up.

Life has started fitting in around blogging. I need more sleep. I need more creative time.

Blogging bought so much in to my life. My life was a little directionless and lacking in breadth. I quickly found that blogging helped me to think. It also helped me to prioritze and set goals. It expanded my opportunities and my creative life has gone from nothing to, well, what it is now. And without blogging, this would not have happened, at least not yet and not as easily.

Thing is all these good things blogging has bought me, have started to be eclipsed by blogging itself.

I love the people I have met and the friends I have made. Some are closer than others. Some blogs I just lurk on and have little actual contact with the writer. Some blogs I have found don't really match my interests as well as I thought. Some I still read because there is some occasional nuggets.

I just counted how many blogs I follow and was astounded to discover I was only a couple short of 100. OK so most of those don't post everyday but still....

I know some people decide to post less regularly so they can comment and be more present in the community. I don't think this decision would be so good for me. I have discovered that I need to write. I will obviously continue to comment and enjoy friendships where they may blossom but this excessive schedule of blog reading is just getting too much! The world is full of interesting people and I just can't keep collecting their blogs to read....

I have blog candy to make, pay it forwards to make, journal wrecking, postcrossing, my fairy garden on facebook, three different yahoo art groups, 101 things to do in 1001 days, a Little Dog to walk, an F to spend time with and a world to explore.... I want to do all these things and be fully present in the blog-e-verse but i can't, something has to give....

I need to bring things back into balance... I have a slight blog problem. Do they have a bloggers anonymous?


  1. If they do, then I'll be the first one in line....

    Thank you for putting into such lovely simple words what I am feeling....I am loathe to stay away because I just adore so much about this little world but it has become so much of a black hole to my time.....

    I think a lot of my current situation has to do with being out of balance....I'll be following Sam's advice, I think, and just resting for now.....

    I was on a creative roll and would like to keep that momentum going....the last thing I need is another tool of procrastination....;)

    Definitely time for a bloggy-intervention...


  2. haha- yes i see that! there are so many blogs that I would love to peruse, but it can takes HOURS. "Hello, my name is Lisa and I am addicted to blogging".... LOL. awesome. I totally support your cutting back in the blog-world. everyone needs balance, and you need to take as much as you give :)

    BTW- I have just started reading a new Charles de Lint book: medicine road. It's illustrated... but i'm not sure if it's for teens or not (not that it would matter really). I just saw one of your posts on the side labeled Charles de Lint II... I will go look and see! :)

  3. Hehehe! bloggers anonymous, funny. I know what you mean Rose, I have been in from 6.00pm and have not been off this computer and it is 10.00pm! This is bad, I love it though!

  4. I have purposely kept to about five blogs that I comments on and visit regularly, for that very reason. I find I am spending a lot of time on the computer with just this many. I have visited a quite a few others but don't comment. I want to spend my time creating and living my life, not living on the computer. There are so many interesting people, beautiful blogs and pieces of artwork out there it could certainly become addicting and all consuming.

  5. Bless your heart.

    I love the freedom my blog gives me, like you I have met (okay via the internet) some amazing,open and beautiful souls. It is a gift this blogging lark, inasmuch as we are able to say what we wish to say to lessen the burdens on our heart (well I do anyway) and that in its self no amount of money or therapy could provide.

    I guess I write more when I feel low, alone, sad or need to understand myself.

    Also I am able to share my part of the Earth with many people who will not venture my way, and of course I too get to visit some amazing places from the comfort of our study....

    I never thought for a moment that I would get into blogging as much as I did....

  6. its too easy for time to gallop away, hence sometimes i just dont comment, or even get to everyone due to time i'm prepared to spend on line... sometimes its just actually talking to steve or watching something together without the pc as a 3rd party! But don't feel guilty, 'real -life' friends wouldn't expect you to call on every single one every day... & if you don't write.... so? We still love ya! (but still sometimes feel bit guilty about not getting posts done That I want to write, lol)