Monday, 8 June 2009

So Pleased to Show off my Melons!

The lovely Mel has given me this award - apparently my Melons are a Perfect 10! *laugh*

Mel was the first bloggy friend I made. Finding good blogs was hard at first. Using the next blog button can take you to little gems - but only if you have plenty of time. One day it took me to Mel's blog and I had a jolly good read. I couldn't put my finger on it but there was something.... The little Bast figurine gave me a hint that there was a lot, lot more to this lady than she was showing on her blog (at the time). I left some comment love and she came to visit. That was that really. My blog journey has been hand in hand with Mel ever since. We often seem to think and feel the same things at the same time. Even though we have never met or heard each others voices, it is blatantly obvious that she is a true Soul Sister....

So I would have to say that Mel herself is one of the wee things in life that brings me happiness...

A few others for the award....

Hot and Sour soup with prawn crackers.
A good dream.
Mud between my toes
Babies - of any sort, even baby slugs are kind of cute... *laugh* (*sigh* is that s sign of broodiness?)
Ticking things off lists (not anal at all...)
Boggy mires - I love wetlands of all sorts. I just find them so beautiful and green and lovely...

So now I have to pass this lovely little award on.... To some blogs that I think are great and deserve a perfect ten for their melons....!

First we have the lovely Postmuse. I have gotten into postcards and postcrossing and postsecret and.... but this project is much more personal. One woman, one huge collection of blank and dull and lifeless postcards sent out into the world to acquire life before they return home... Go see and find some cards to adopt... But even better, she shares some of the things written on the cards, little things that have meaning to the people who returned them that explain why they wanted that card...

The next are two fantastic photographers who happen to live in the same very, very beautiful part of the world as me. I love the way they give a look at the beauty of this place through their eyes... If ever you want to understand why I love it here so much, go and look at the world through there eyes for a bit... So they are the Simon and Keith (and Keith also has a blog dedicated to pictures of Trewidden Gardens which I adore).

Next we have Being Gemel..... This is an Australian blog I found by accident. Her lovely thoughts and beautiful photos make it a place I like to linger each day.... I must admit I am a lurker her, her posts rarely require a comment....

I think I shall leave it there, if you want to see some other blogs that deserve a melon award then go look at my blog roll on my profile....


  1. And what a gorgeous set they are, indeed!! :)

    Off to check out your recipients....

  2. Well hello blogland! This is "F" calling with your votes and i can confirm your melons are a perfect 10!...*wink*

    Having had the day off and after having slaved around the house....because i'm chained to the kitchen sink(don't believe what she tells you if she disagrees...*laugh*....i was at a loose end as to what to do while having lunch.

    So i decided to look at your blog....given it's been a while and by your accounts...not since Big dog K sadly passed see "wasson'" (what's on or happening for the non-cornish)as we cornish like to say.

    I have to say that Little dog and i are a bit miffed not to be in the "things that bring you happiness" list, but after much conversing we decided it was an oversight on your part and as long as we make the revised list soon after you get home from work, we won't bite you.......much!...*grins*

    I don't know what drew me to reading your blog today, but i'm glad i did. Since my new job, we've probably had more time apart in the last few weeks than we've had since we've been together and i guess it felt like something i needed to do to catch up with things.

    In one of your previous posts, you said that i don't believe in magic, not strictly true, just not quite in the same way as you maybe...*chuckles*.

    I believe in Fate and i believe that in itself can be a magical thing, for if it was not for fate all those years ago, i would not have had the magical life i now have with you!

    Yes yes....and with you Little dog....*sighs* can see how i'm treated in this house can't you....and i love it...*smiles*

    Seriously though and for all the world to see and are...

    My Love, my life, my soulmate, my best friend and my most Magical Minx....(oops...did i say the last one out loud?...*grin*)

    I love you dearly and I too look forward to sitting on the porch at 80 watching many sunsets!!! xxxxxx

  3. two are just so.....:)

    Hello there, *F*, it's nice to finally *meet* you...


    ~love to you both~

  4. Thank you so much Rose, I am always a little humbled by such awards, it all started as a journal, getting my thoughts out of my head, I was surprised (nicely) when people began to comment, then, when I had one follower I was delighted, now I have 32, goodness.

    I love to ramble, and take my photos and mostly I love how now I have many wonderful new companions on my journey.....