Sunday, 28 June 2009

St Ewe

From the square to the entrance to the churchyard with the old post office on the right.

The square with the remains of an ancient cross, The base is also ancient and aligned with the compass directions, not the village.

One way out...

The other way out with the 16th Century pub on the left and the town lock up on the right.

The church with palms....

Place of ancestors. Where all but those too bad to be given an honourable burial now lie...

A special place. Looking along the boardwalk towards the graveyard....

Not the best photos perhaps but they are special...


  1. Very special! I love how the lock-up is right across the road from the pub!!

  2. *laugh* how convenient is that?

  3. well apparently,.. nearby there was a small hamlet called Tregilgas and that is where my family all originated from.. I wonder if some of them are buried in that graveyard.. must look it up on my family tree.. thankyou for this.. I cannot wait to see it in real life!!