Monday, 1 June 2009


Last night I took half a hayfever tablet before bed. Not that my hayfever had really started properly, I just felt that tingle... Today I went to work and shortly after starting I felt my nose go. My eyes turned dry and itchy. I sneezed. My nose ran. But not as badly as it gets.

But I don't understand. Normally my pills keep the allergy symptoms away for several days, which is why I take half. This half pill lasted less than a day but my allergy flared up and then slowly throughout the day flared down.

In fact once I left work and truly breathed in fresh air my nose cleared completely. My head cleared and I began to feel much better and not like a complete zombie, just part zombie. This all makes me feel that there was something at work today that really didn't agree with me (apart form the obvious).

Was someone wearing perfume? Had someone used some cleaning products? Had one little freak bit of pollen that I am especially sensitive too managed to lodge itself in my nose? No idea

So tonight i just wish to do nothing. Completely drained. There are things I should be doing but I am not going to do them... F walked Little Dog before he went to work. It is to be a sofa and junk food night.....

The only good news is that i weighed myself on the way home and I have lost 1/2 stone.... oh and I have a small but always welcome tax rebate....


  1. this is interesting, Andrew and I were just discussing hay fever yesterday. He was reading that eating local honey helps hay fever- as it works as a type of vaccination with bits of local pollan that help your body up it's immune system.... plus honey is TASTY. mmmm.

    i hope you feel better!

  2. Thank you. To be honest, I have no idea where I could easily get local honey! Will get some if I see it though....

  3. Also!! I posted the answers to your questions- they were awesomely fantastic questions thank you so very much! :)