Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I remember that first time I switched on the TV in Cornwall very clearly. I happened to watch the news. Coming from up country and having lived in cities it was all a bit of a surprise, but a nice one. The highlight of the local news seemed to be a cat being rescued from a chimney by the fire brigade.

No murders, no muggings, no ram raids, nothing.

That is not to say nothing nasty ever happens down here. A man in Carnkie killed his wife and children. IRA terrorists were found hiding here. People throw themselves off cliffs, one did last weekend....

Some time ago, some where far from here, two girls were murdered and a person of the initials MC was involved. Following surgery they were moved down here, although I believe they have gone now.

From when I worked for the Police, I know that it is common knowledge that abusive partners move their families here because they can live away from others, in isolation. Having moved their families so far from their loved ones, they have no one to turn to....

Cornwall is a place where people think they are safe. To hide. Thing is, what they don't realise is that Cornwall is small.... Everyone knows everyone else. I had been down here two and a half years when I met F and we had about 8 people in common by then, we have found more since. My future brother-in-law knows half my current colleagues.... Everyone knew MC was here. Word spread. But that didn't make it unsafe for them to be here.

I try to avoid watching the news. The local news is fine, fluffy and nice.... I find if I watch the proper news, I get sucked down and down. I hate the way some stories are deemed important but seem to have no relevance to me, my life, or really if we are perfectly honest, nobody else's lives but their own loved ones. Do I want to hear about the good and bad things that happen in some celebrities life? I would much rather hear about people in my community....

Listening to politics makes me wonder how politicians can be sooo stupid! A new speaker has just been voted in, an important government post as they decide who gets to speak... He is Conservative but Labour voted him in, mostly it seems to annoy the Conservatives, not because anybody thinks he is suitable for the job. Recently there has been huge scandal because our politicians have been abusing their expenses claims with claims for mortgages already paid off, moat cleaning and all sorts of outrageous things. Politicians play games with each other and do not operate for the benefit of the country, at least not very often...

As for world news, they make me feel so sad and so lacking in power. I hate the way a story continues after the commotion has died and finding out what is going on is hard. Who decides what is important?

I first read about Neda here thanks to Kathryn Knoll but then again here thanks to Toni. Toni points out that this doesn't even make the news headlines despite the effect her death has had on Iran, the fact that she has become a focus for free speech and democracy... Instead I get to hear more about Peter Andre and Jordan... Most of you are probably wondering who the hell they are....


  1. Rose, this is exactly how I feel about all of this. I rarely watch the news anymore. Politicians are only interested in filling their own pockets and the pockets of corporations while health care and education are neglected. Vancouver has sometimes double and triple murders a couple of time a week. It is a crazy, crazy world we live in and I think sanity only comes with staying centered in your own part of the world. I believe that if each person focuses on taking care of their own back yard and being there for their neighbours the world would be a better place. Anyway, one could go on and on about all of this but thanks for expressing what I have felt for a very long time. Not much makes sense anymore.

  2. Yeah, I haven't a clue who those people are....nor do I give a rat's ass about celebrities and their vapid *problems*. It's a sad and sorry fact that most North Americans hear more about Paris Hilton's latest exploits but haven't a clue about the tragic death of a young woman who was simply advocating basic human rights..... fact, it right pisses me off....

    But who is to blame, really? We depend on the media for our information and apparently they seem to think that we'd be more interested in hearing about Jon and Kate's extramarital affairs than the *really* ugly things going on...and maybe we would...maybe we'd rather stick our heads in the sand, then we wouldn't have to feel the searing pain of knowing....I know I do....although I still don't give a shit about celebrities -- possibly the most over-rated humans on the planet...

    sorry for hijacking your comment section with my mini-rant....:(

  3. I try not to listen to news.. I shut my gates here at Inglewood and lock the world out.. I cannot cope with all the dramas of the 'famous'.. dramas created by their own egos, far as I am concerned...
    some may differ in their opinions, but I don't think we are meant to know as much as we do about worldly affairs.. it is all too much for one to cope with..
    you live in one of the most glorious parts of the world, turn the news off, burn the newspaper and go for a walk.. it is so much better for your spirit!! Let Mother Earth heal you, let Her tell you Her connected xx

  4. One more comment on this topic, the media blow everything out of proportion and focus mainly on negative and violent news. I would be great if they commented on acts of kindness that didn't have to do with raising money. I it would also be nice to have tv programs that focused on spiritual and uplifting things like Recreating Eden. Almost everything on tv is fear-based and there is a very good reason for that.

  5. I so agree with all your lovely wise comments!