Sunday, 21 June 2009

The card I picked from my oracle deck this morning was celebration. It might seem an appropriate card but somehow it doesn't feel like it was really. I know it was the Solstice and i should have been partying or watching the sunset or anything really... but I didn't.

F went to work yesterday at 5pm and will return tomorrow at 8am. I don't have as much without him, that's for sure. I am fine by myself though. I spent lots of time with my journal and I am really pleased with the way things have turned out. I had a nice bath with a Charles de Lint book. I did some washing and other bits that needed doing.

It is nearly pay day thankfully and it won't be many more weeks then until F gets his first full pay check since changing jobs. Once he has gotten himself a better car and sorted out his pc, I am hoping I can start stealing his hard earned money to improve the house.... I am sure I won't have any trouble spending his wages for him! *laugh*

We went out with friends to see Transformers Friday followed by pizza. I had a lovely evening and the film was good. Afterwards the men folk went off to play computer games and I came home, took the Little One out and then blogged. Yesterday we had S. We went out for a walk which was lovely despite Little Dog pulling a disappearing act just as we got back to the car...

So a nice weekend all in all but i feel blocked a little in some ways. I have more projects to start and somehow starting is the hardest bit.... I need to do some drawing out of designs and I am finding this daunting. Once I have gotten started it will all be fine, it is just the getting started.

I am feeling distanced from practicing any form of worship as well.... I need to get my behind back into gear on this one really....


  1. Hello Rose, I followed a link from Mel's blog.. where she mentioned her stone from Cornwall.. instantly my ears pricked up!! My ancestors are from far I have traced them back to the 14th Century.. I live in Australia.. but since I was a very little girl.. I have yearned for Cornwall never knowing why until I discovered my roots.. so I have Cornish blood running through my veins.. and to discover a Cornish hedgewitch is like heaven to me.. I plan on visiting Cornwall next year and cannot wait!! blessings to you!

  2. Not much of a hedgewitch at the moment really! Welcome!

  3. thankyou Rose!
    my ancestors come from quite a few places.. their last name was Tregilgas...
    I just wish I knew how they lived.. I wonder if they were witches or into herbs and healing.. my Pa was quite dark skinned too.. maybe some Spanish somewhere ..