Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Trolls Are Back in Town!

You may have guessed from the title of the post that my recent purchase has arrived. A Tiny parcel with more paper than trollness. A lovely little catalogue of beauties, a form for returns and a little flyer of new additions to the collection. Then there, a tiny little black bag. Inside lay my troll bracelet. It had already been assembled for me. Chain with two ends linked by my troll tree lock and my safety chain. I tried it on and then had to take it off, take it apart and reassemble it.

I love it. It is a lovely chain. It is a series of little v's made up of two bits of silver. All the v's interlink somehow and it is like a lovely silver snake. It is beautifully supple bracelet with a solid, sturdy feel. Although it is currently just a plain bracelet, it still has some character in the form of one lovely little tree troll.

I am lusting after troll beads though. I made the mistake of looking at some peoples collections online and there was boxes loaded with beautiful beads. There are one of a kind beads which are one offs made by Trollbeads that are mistakes, have a colour variation or are prototypes. There are artisan beads made by people other than those emplyed by Trollbeads. There are retired beads of varying rarity, with some so lovely, you wonder how they could discontinue them. Then there is the current range of loveliness.... Then there are other companies and ranges that are compatible with troll bracelets.

All of this leads to a vast range of beautiful beads. Once you have a collection you can wear something different everyday that matches your modd, your clothes, the season, whatever you fancy.

And I have to lose more weight before I can buy any more. And instead of losing I am gaining. Next month there will be some overtime and I think I shall buy myself the purple set when I get paid for my endeavours. Hopefully by then I will have lost enough weight to justify it. I shall want all the beads in the purple kit anyway and the price means they are cheaper in a set of six. I shall also continue to buy direct because the exchange rate for euros to pounds means that it is cheaper...

I am considering making a few beady beads to put on it so that I have something!

On another theme.... I know I am a creature of enthusiasms and that I havn't been creating so much recently apart from some jewellery... I think it may be because I have allowed my creative room to be a dumping ground. I think it might be time to go make something..... I am NOT going to allow myself to spend all weekend doing nothing on my laptop while watching TV.

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  1. oooohhh....beady goodness!! And purple? How could it be anything other than fab?

    I am GREEN that you get to create this weekend...I have a series of family dinners for of course all I really want to do is hide in my grotto...

    Creature of enthusiasms...I LOVE this...definitely me too..