Saturday, 17 October 2009


People are scared of the dark.

No really. They are.

People linger outside their homes, on hill tops, cliffs, anywhere with a view. They watch the sun set. The second it has been sucked below the horizon they vanish. They bustle off home as if the last rays of light leaving the sky will cause them to turn to stone and they must be behind closed doors before that happens....

Dusk is one of my favourite times of day.

The clouds turn charcoal grey, high in the sky. The sea turns the colour of slate. Hills in the middle distance turn inky black, the more distant they are, the less inky the black and the more gently they stand in the gloom. Flowers sprout across them, orange, white, yellow and red. Flowers that outcompete the stars and shine more brightly. They glisten.

It is still light enough to see the path. Walking slowly and steadily with care, rough paths don't pose a threat. The sun shines up from beneath the sea and paints the underside of the clouds. red, crimson, amethyst, dusky pinks. More beautiful than the sunset.

All those people leaving, miss this. They miss this gentle time. Caught in the inbetween. They run from the dark and miss the best of it.

I am not scared of the dark. I am sometimes a bit nervous of the people that hide in it. Tonight there is no moon. The moon won't rise until to late to be seen. And it is a new moon too. But walking under the full moon can be so well lit! Tonight it was always going to get dark but not as dark as people seem to think, nor as quickly.


  1. I love the dark. I'm a night person and no matter how hard I try to fight it and be on a normal schedule, it just never happens. I find the night so peaceful and calm.

  2. I really like walking in the dark. I like to walk just as the world is settling in the last minutes before the sun sets and just after. I am afraid of the people who may be out in the dark but the darkness itself is so mysterious and mystical. Everything around is quieter, the stress and noise of the day dissolving into the darkness. I like the night better than the day.

  3. Mmm... i love being out in the dark too rose. You can see so much in a different way can't you? people don't realise... no matter how many times i tell steve not to put the outside light on 'so i can see coming back' he still does to 'help'. Its much nicer being out & about in natural darkness... me n daft dog cover a lot of ground!

  4. My favourite is dawn....the same feeling of in-between but in the morning..

    maybe it's because where we live, there's still a fair bit of bustle in the evening...but in the early morning, I feel like I have the world to myself..oh, and Emma..of course...;)