Friday, 30 October 2009

Standing Still

I have had a go at journeying twice more and I havn't had anywhere near the same results as I did the first time. Beginner's luck maybe or just that there was some stuff desperate to make it's way through.

I just enjoyed the drum rhythms the first time. They took me nowhere at all. The second time I did travel but it was more of a visualisation than a journey. I started in the clouds again before plummeting downwards into a huge river delta with the sun glinting on the water. I fell in to the river and found myself on the bottom. Then there was a shark and I was in the sea and we were going down. Not much happened down there except it got dark.

The only spontaneous thing was the sharks appearance, the rest was very much me and offered no insights at all really to anything.

Maybe this really isn't my home or my way. Maybe I have another way I need to learn. I don't know but I shall keep trying I think. if only because it is nice and relaxing.

Apparently sharks stand for never being still, protection, remorselessness, ability to defend, connection to past knowledge and they guard the family.


  1. I wonder if the shark was taking you down into your own darkness!
    Sounds like a relaxing exercise anyway. Hope you are feeling better.*hugs*

  2. Maybe. I don't know. No clear thoughts on this at all.... Am feeling much better thanks!

  3. I get frustrated when I settle down to journey and nothing much happens. Then someone told me just to trust that I was getting whatever I needed from it, and it felt fine. Because it is relaxing, and probably a beneficial brain state to be in (theta? I dunno) too.

    Sometimes too much expectation or pressure can be the killer. Sometimes the answer is to leave a bigger space between journeys to allow full integration of the experience into your bodies (you know, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). The bodies learn and heal at different rates. So your mental body might 'get it' quickly, but the others might need time to catch up.

    Don't forget that journeying is a type of healing, not just a meditation, so you definitely do need time to integrate the experience. You don't take extra paracetamol just because you want to get better quicker.

    It's useful to spend some time being open to insights and reflections that might pop in over the next few days after a journey. It's as if part of your Soul is still on the journey; still tapping into that energy for you. Look out for signs in the natural world that might link to what you saw in the journey, and things like that.

    Hope this helps.
    Much love. xxx

  4. Thank you Sam. I shall sit back and not try and journey for a bit. I shall look out for signs.

    I had an interesting one today I think. Turns out my surname is celtic for rock or cliff.